The world may have changed dramatically, but one thing is still for sure, Christmas is coming.

Santa may have to social distance, but he will still be checking if you’ve been naughty or nice!

And with so much uncertainty about, there’s never been a more important time to reward and engage your employees and customers.

We’ve all been affected by COVID-19 in some way or another, but hopefully the festive season will be a chance to come together and celebrate, albeit perhaps in a slightly different format.

At Event Rhino we’ve taken proactive measures to deliver interactive but safe experiences in line with the government guidelines and we are set to go even bigger and safer for the arrival of Santa.

While it might seem a long way off, there’s no better time to start planning for the holiday season and making sure you’ve taken all the necessary steps to deliver an immersive, unforgettable and safe experience that resonates with your customers and employees.

The Santa Photobomb experience is the perfect way to bring the magic of Christmas to life. Event Rhino uses the latest photo booth technology to deliver brand awareness, engage your customers and capture compliant consumer data.

But that’s not all! Users won’t be able to resist sharing their selfie with Santa, raising your digital profile and capturing new audiences for your brand.

Event Rhino will customize the brand experience to ensure maximum exposure, astonishing your customers with this stylish and innovative photo technology. From the branded backdrop to the magical experience that sees Santa arrive and take part in your very own selfie spectacular, guests will be in complete awe.

The experience features Santa greeting every user and then you are transported into a magical world using green screen technologies or branded backdrops.

Users can choose to share their photo straight to social media, print or even send to their phones. Fun and excitement are turned into brand loyalty with a special holiday discount from your business included on every branded print-out.

Event Rhino can also measure how effective your campaign was with event data supplied post event analysing your social reach, number of shares and total impressions.

This year we need to put some joy back into our lives, so make sure Santa arrives in spectacular style and gives your customers the Christmas they deserve.

Contact our creative team to see how we can make Christmas 2020 magical for your event, company or brand!