How to Make the Most of Your Photo Booth Experience

Getting the Best Experience From Photo Booth Hire

Photo booths are a great way to elevate your event, especially for guest experience. If you’re an event organiser or planner, you can’t go wrong with including a photo booth within your event. No matter the occasion, our Hertfordshire photo booths can bring a smile to anyone’s faces—and they’re perfect for creating memories. 

At Event Rhino, we know exactly how you can maximise the photo booth experience for your guests. In fact, we’ve compiled 5 tips for event organisers and planners—here’s how to get the most out of your photo booth experience:

1.    Props Galore

Including creative and inventive props is definitely one way to get the most out of your photo booth experience! From cowboy hats to oversized sunglasses, don’t forget that props can add that splash of character to photo booth pictures. Plus, it’s a fun way for guests to engage with the photo booth itself, rather than simply posing for the picture.

At Event Rhino, many of our photo booths come with their own set of accessories and props—but, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find your own and encourage guests to use them!

2.    Social Media-Friendly

Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, ensuring that the photos can be easily downloaded and uploaded to social media is key to success. After all, many guests are likely to want to share their photos—and the best way to do this is to upload them on social media.

Here at Event Rhino, our photo booths take photos and videos that can easily be downloaded and uploaded to social media platforms, allowing guests to instantly view and share their photo booth experiences.

3.    Innovative Photo Booths

Your guests are more than likely to be familiar with conventional photo booths and how they work, but these are arguably not as exciting as something that’s themed or utilises the latest technology.

At Event Rhino, we offer a range of creative and innovative photo booths for your guests to explore, including vintage style photo booths and more.

For example, a 360 degree photo booth offers guests the opportunity to create 360 degree ultra-high definition videos which can be shared on social media. Meanwhile, a scribble photo booth allows guests to write their thoughts or own scribbles as they’re filmed. Both of these photo booths offer a new and eccentric experience for guests.

4.    Matching the Theme

If you’re planning a specific type of event that has a set theme or style, it’s essential that you match your photo booth to this theme or style. Otherwise, the photo booth can seem out of place—and guests may be likely to avoid it. This is particularly important for corporate events as presenting a cohesive theme or style throughout the event can show professionalism and high-level attention to detail.

From photo booth props to the photo booth backdrops, make sure that the photo booth itself matches the event theme. Guests are more likely to be impressed by a photo booth that complements the event’s theme, than a photo booth that has been randomly placed within the event just for entertainment.

5.    Group Compatibility

Another way to get the most out of your photo booth experience is to ensure that the photo booth can accommodate group photos. While there’s nothing wrong with entering the photo booth by yourself, most guests will probably enter the booth with others, regardless of whether that’s with colleagues, family members, or friends.

This means that to ensure that your guests are satisfied with the photo booth itself, you should make sure that it can fit multiple people for group photos. If there’s a limit on the number of people it can capture, make sure to let your guests know beforehand by placing a sign or having the photo booth attendant remind guests of this.

Having the Best Photo Booth Experience

Getting the most out of your photo booth experience means accommodating your guests’ needs, and ensuring that the photo booth is not only creative, but also enjoyable. Now that you know how to get the most out of your photo booth experience when hiring or renting a photo booth, what are you waiting for?

When it comes to photo booth hire in London, Event Rhino has got you covered with our photo booth packages, designed to enhance the event experience for all. From corporate events to weddings, we provide various high-quality and imaginative photo booths for you to take advantage of!

Allow your guests to create memories that will last a lifetime with Event Rhino’s London photo booths. Get a quote today.

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