Newly Engaged Couples

Are you newly engaged and want to celebrate with an Elegant Engagement Party or just want a few tips on how to throw an engagement party? Well, read on!

Picture the scene, you are sitting by the Christmas tree opening your presents from your better half when he or she drops to one knee… “Oh My!” rings through your mind and you are consumed by excitement, giddiness, and all the usual emotions that permeate our bodies on huge moments like these? The question is popped; “Will you Marry Me?” and without a second thought you throw your half-opened present across the room and say, “YESSSSS”. Wow, what a moment to be alive! How do you follow that? Well, you get to organise a killer Engagement Party to celebrate with all your friends and family.

If you are an event coordinator then that will be a total breeze, but if you are not, then you may need some tips on how to plan your engagement party, or maybe you will simply need some ideas for things to do at your engagement party to make those memories last.

Do not fret, we’ve got your back! We have put together an engagement party checklist as well as some tips and ideas on engagement party essentials, themes, and decorations.

Who is going to be the engagement party Host?

Whether you would like a rustic engagement party, outdoor engagement party, quirky engagement party, elegant engagement party here is a rundown on creating your perfect engagement celebration

So, tradition states that the parents of the ‘bride to be’ host the engagement celebration event, but in these modern times this old skool rule is being cast aside more and more.

It all depends on the future bride and groom as to whether they take the reigns and organise the whole thing themselves. If you have been waiting for this day for many years and relish the opportunity to start off the engagement with an amazing party then you host. Due to the very personal nature of your new engagement and all that surrounds it, there is no right or wrong answer here. Just do what feels right for you as a couple.

Save the Date & Invites

We suggest taking a few weeks to sit back and soak up all that is happening and just enjoy the initial engagement buzz before getting stuck into the celebration planning. Once you have chilled and go to grips with the bigger picture, it’s time to get thinking.

Picking a suitable date will depend on a few crucial things:



How long is your engagement likely to be?



What time of year do you feel would best suit your party? This will depend on when you feel all the desired engagement party guests will be available, and the style and theme of the party eg, hay bails and cowboy boots, or tuxedos and patent shoes.



Again, depending on your style and theme you may have to work around venue availability


Nail the Date

Once you have sorted the date it comes inviting everyone. While this can be done by setting up a group on Facebook or one of many website services, we feel it is just so much better and personal to get some proper invites printed and sent out. Not only is this just so so nice to both design and receive it will serve as a constant reminder to everyone that they are in store for a big bash with their loved and treasured friends.

Get Your Style On!

One of the best and most enjoyable parts of engagement party planning is delving into what style or theme if any, you would love to have. Depending on you this can be totally informal gathering of your ‘A-team’ friends and family, or it can be a fully styled and themed bash and full fancy dress occasion, complete with full venue dressing with engagement party decorations. The beauty of engagement parties is that it is completely up to you, the future Mr. & Mrs. Plan it how you like and also think about the wedding as this is an opportunity to set the tone for that as well.

Making Memories!

We are in the business of making memories and while, we may be a little bias with this, everyone we work with has always said that the most treasured addition to their engagement party has been one of our Photo Booths.

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Select a Venue

Once again this will go back to the style and theme of your party. Rustic and outdoor engagement parties will obviously need a different venue than a formal sit-down affair. A lot of people will start the venue hunt with a search for “Engagement Party Venues Near Me” and while that is a great way to start, try and sit back and think about that special place that you may already know that holds sentimental value to your just that killer spot that you love!


As well as the discussions about engagement party menu’s there are the all-important thoughts about entertainment. If you are having music, will it be a DJ, a live band, or a bespoke playlist made from guests’ suggestions and your own favourites? If you are a playful couple will you devise some party games to break the ice with any guests that have never met or to start the party with some giggles?

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