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Photo Mosaic

If you’re looking for a way to grab your consumers’ attention at an event, or if you’re aiming for optimal consumer engagement, then a mosaic wall will provide you with the ultimate in brand interaction.

With Event Rhino Mosaic Wall your consumers can not only engage with your brand at any event, but can become part of that engagement.

Photo Mosaic creates a mosaic of an image or logo from photos that are taken at your event. The mosaic can take various forms: a physical board with printed photos attached, a digital version or a mixture of the two.

When it comes to your mosaic, the choice is infinite. From a company logo or product, to the face of a celebrity, you have a million images to choose from.

From raising brand awareness to simply creating a beautiful replica of your favorite photograph, the Event Rhino Photo Mosaic really can do it all.

If you wish for the Mosaic Wall to be for a personal event what better way to get all your family and friends together in one photo.

All images are collected via a photo booth technology, social media and a unique hastag or your event photographer, and immediately printed off in the exact hue required to form part of the overall mosaic.

The interaction is guaranteed with images printed as stickers that guests add themselves to the mosaic wall.  As the number of stickers increase, onlookers can’t help but want to take part and join in the fun.

Event Rhino Mosaic is gradually revealed over the course of the event as more and more guests step into the booth and pose for the camera.

From raising brand awareness to simply creating a beautiful replica of your favorite photograph, the Event Rhino Photo Mosaic really can do it all.

How it works

1. Photos are taken at your event – either by your consumers or by a photographer.
2. The images are then printed as stickers and added to the wall to create a mosaic.
3. You could, of course, add a booth to your package by opting for one of Event Rhinos huge range of photo booth options, which snaps images throughout your event. Our Photo Mosaic monitors all of the booths on an ongoing basis and, as each image is taken, we place it on the mosaic.

As your event progresses, the mosaic builds and, at the end the mosaic is revealed in all of its amazing glory. 

Throughout your event, excitement builds as consumers become increasingly aware of what is happening and are eager to become part of that buzz. You can encourage the engagement by sending your guests a digital file to show them their image and how it fits into the mosaic.

Benefits to your brand


Brand Awareness

The fact that you can create a mosaic of any image means that you can highlight and showcase any of your products or brands with maximum impact. As the mosaic progresses -and is eventually completed – your guests – by now fully interacting with the process – will be sharing to social media, promoting your brand organically and sharing the buzz with thousands of others.


Social media input

Naturally social media has its part to play in this state-of-the-art brand interaction. Post an image with your hashtag – #youreventname – on Twitter or Instagram and you’ll see the images added to your mosaic. This also acts as an incentive for people to use your hashtag and, before you know it, guests will be taking another pic and sharing it to the mosaic.


Data protection

At Event Rhino, we’re fully aware of the importance of data protection and that’s why we’ve made it a priority to ensure that the data that’s collected is safe and secure. From customer surveys to disclaimers, from email addresses to secure data transfer, our software ensures that both you – and we – are fully covered when it comes to being GDPR compliant.

What happens post-event

In today’s analytic-obsessed world everyone wants to know about the level of engagement. How many guests engaged with your brand experience? How many shared your branded content? How many shared it to social media?

Well, we’re delighted to tell you that we can provide all of the analytics in a comprehensive report that will provide you with all that you’ll need to know for future use in marketing campaigns.

If you want to create brand awareness and build consumer engagement, let Event Rhino Photo Mosaic help your company to become part of the bigger picture by introducing technology that’s on the wall.

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