3 Events That Can Be Taken To The Next Level With A Photobooth

If you are a regular to events either as a stallholder or a visitor, you will know that they can all start to look the same after a while.

Although individual stalls will try to do something different, what you need if you are to hold or exhibit at such an event yourself is something unique, yet also fun and engaging.

One such feature could be a photo booth. So, let’s take a look at three types of events that a photobooth could really help to elevate.

  1. Corporate event

Corporate events can sometimes be a little dull, especially when some of the stalls have limited budgets to work with.

However, dedicated photo booth rental in London for events can be reasonably priced enough to make such booth a worthwhile way to engage with your audience. If you have ever used a photo booth, especially the kind used at parties and similar events, you will know how much fun they can be.

If the list of attendees of your corporate event is likely to be long, this can make corporate photo booth hire an even more attractive option, as a lot of people will be tempted to get involved, and might even encourage the shy ones to have a go with the booth.

Photobooths can also a great way to introduce people to your product, especially if you can incorporate advertising into the booth using frames or hats.

Such a distinctive feature as a photobooth at your corporate event is likely to pique the interest of prospective buyers or customers, which might make it likelier that they will wish to keep in contact with your brand long after the event is over.

  1. Weddings

Weddings are special occasions that everyone wants to remember forever – for the right reasons. There are many ways that you can achieve this, but a fun thing to do is to have a photo booth set up at the wedding reception.

You can set out a theme for the photo booth if you want, or just have a range of accessories and dress-up clothes to spark the imagination.

Another good idea is to have photo sets of family members together such as the bride and groom, the parents, siblings, and so on.

Once the photos are printed out and given to the guests, they will also be great mementos of the evening. In addition, having a photobooth at your wedding can make for more fun and spontaneity in the capturing of visual memories of your big day, than depending solely on the services of a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding photo booth hire can also be a great way for the wedding couple to keep some photos to put towards a wedding album. They can then remember the event with a traditional album, as well as a more relaxed version.

  1. Company events

Having a special internal party for your employees is a great way to reward them for all their hard work. This could be a holiday party or perhaps a summer event.

Wherever the event is held, having a photo booth there will help you capture the best moments of the party.

While perhaps not everyone will be willing to take part at first, the fun and excitement of everyone having a good time may eventually persuade people to get their picture taken.

It is also a good way to show your customers and suppliers that you are working to give your staff the best relaxation possible. It will show, in the process, that you are a conscientious employer and you care about rewarding your staff.

Other possibilities

Together with the above three examples, there are other events to which you can introduce a photo booth to add another dimension.

  • Birthday parties are always a good place to have a photo booth. Whether it’s a kid’s or adult’s party, a lot of fun can be had. You could even incorporate the photo booth into a party game where attendees are judged on the best photo or outfit.
  • Proms and school events can be good occasions for a photo booth. Of course, there would need to be permission from parents, but it would be a lot of fun for the students.
  • Sometimes, you may find yourself organising an event where you know it could be difficult to get people working together or engaging with the content of the event. So, to help break the ice, why not add a photo booth as part of the event? You could introduce the booth either at the beginning or during lunch, and encourage everyone to have their photos taken. This will help make the event more memorable for the attendees and a lot less difficult for the hosts.

As part of these ideas, you can either make the photos available to take home or leave them as just ‘part of the event’. You can also give each person the choice so that they can decide at the time.


Photo booth rental in London can be a great way to engage with people and ‘break the ice’ at any of an exceedingly broad range of events. It can also help to get people more deeply involved in your event if they’re shy. For a more in-depth conversation about the possibilities for having a photobooth at your own event, why not contact the Event Rhino team today?

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