3 reasons to hire a 360 photobooth for your next event

So you have found yourself looking into 360 photo booth hire, but what are they and how can they enhance the atmosphere of your next event? If you are looking for 360 photobooth hire, here at Event Rhino, you’re at the right place.

Here are three reasons why you should hire a 360 photobooth for your next event:

  1. Immersive and unique experience

360 degree photo booth rental is truly something else – it offers an immersive and extraordinary experience for you and your guests, revolutionising photobooth technology. It technically isn’t a ‘photo’ booth per se, but more of a video booth as it enables you and your guests to stand on a platform that is attached to a 360-degree rotating camera, capturing video.

It deviates from the traditional photobooth, instead taking unique video content that is perfect for a unique event. There are a variety of props and toys available for your guests to use to make the videos even more interesting, so if you are aiming to entertain your guests and leave a lasting impression, a 360 photobooth is the ideal solution for this.

With professional lighting and an excellent camera, you can trust that the video output will be of stunning quality that will be remembered as an experience of a lifetime.

  1. Easy transportation and assembly

360 photobooths are easily installed and transported so they are a convenient photobooth should you wish to move them around the venue during the event. As a result, they are also handy for a range of events – from corporate events, to parties, to wedding receptions!

For events utilising an outdoor space, these booths can not only capture your guests, but also the aesthetically pleasing background of your venue. In particular, wedding guests and even the bride themselves may wish to use 360 degree photo booths to flaunt their elegant outfits and dresses to the crowd. This is also applicable for fashion events, they can be utilised in many ways for many different types of occasions.

Make your event stand out by hiring a 360 degree photo booth! Its easy accessibility makes it one of the most convenient, yet one-of-a-kind photobooth that will ever grace your event, grabbing the attention of your guests and adding that touch of creativity to complement your event’s ambience, regardless of its purpose.

  1. Shareability

Videos captured on our photobooths can be instantly shared through AirDrop and all videos will be available post-event, so you can ensure that your guests have access to all of the incredible content taken on the day.

The gallery will be shown on a large screen, showcasing all of the exceptional videos that have been taken, so everyone can view the fun videos with ease. 360 photo booth hire is a great way to increase engagement at events since these photobooths are unparalleled and becoming increasingly popular for guests attending any type of event.

With the ability for your guests to share the videos on social media, do not be surprised when you find your social media feed filled with tags from the captured videos. Your guests will surely keep coming back to the photobooth, and even ask if the booth will be there at your next event – and we hope you say yes.

360 photo booth hire at Event Rhino

At Event Rhino, we supply the Rhino 360X, a photobooth powered by our Dream Booth technology. Capture amazing videos with multiple guests using our Rhino 360X!

With our packages, you can expect an attendant from our events team to be present at the event to guide you and your guests through using the photobooth, as well as efficient setup and clear up once the event finishes. Therefore, you can rest assured that our special and skilled team will assist you every step of the way from pre-event, to during the event, and to post-event.

You can also expect unlimited videos and personalisation options such as video overlays which can be placed upon the videos taken. For corporate events or even wedding receptions, these video overlays are the perfect addition to making your event memorable for both you and your guests.

Create unbelievable memories and content with our 360 photobooths at your next event now! Please send us an email at bookings@eventrhino.co.uk or call us on 07843 662683 for more information. You can also get in touch with us if you have any enquiries, we are always happy to help and don’t let anything stand in the way of fulfilling your 360 booth dreams. Transform your next event now with Event Rhino’s 360X photobooth.

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