5 Cool Ideas for Corporate Events

Our corporate photo booth rental is a way for staff to get together, celebrate the successes of the companies, create lasting memories and transmit the core company values. As the world starts to reopen, there is no better time to bring your company together for an unforgettable event. Here are 5 ideas for a truly memorable evening.

Corporate photo booth hire

Why not document the fun of the night by including a corporate photo booth in your event? These booths invite guests to make memories that they can take home with them at the end of the night. Whether you opt for a photobooth with props or a particular theme, they are sure to add some silliness to the night.

Photobooths are an interactive experience and encourage people to get involved. They tend to increase guest engagement and, the more people who are seen going into the booth, the more people want to join in! 

It is a relaxed and informal way to bring staff members together for a fun and spontaneous photo shoot.

Professional photographers are a great way to capture special moments of the evening but when you hire a photo booth in London, it tends to be a more organic and fun way of taking photos of the night; the two are complementary and can be used together to create a really special photo album of your event.

If you are trying to promote a certain theme, message or brand, you can also make the photobooth follow a specific theme with the decor or the props you use. Using a digital photo booth, guests can access boomerangs, GIFs and digital images which means real time posting to social media. This encourages people to share memories of the night and, in the same moment, promote your brand and create social buzz.

For more information about photo booth hire in London for your event or to get a quote, please contact us at Event Rhino for a personalised quote.

Include a chocolate fountain

There is something so decadent about melted chocolate cascading down over a fountain. Chocolate has the ability to make everything better so adding a chocolate fountain to your event is a no-brainer.

Prepare a buffet of fresh fruits, marshmallows, baked goods and sweets, all to be dipped in glossy chocolate pouring from a beautiful fountain. Not only does this delicious addition, it adds an air of luxury to any buffet table and can even act as a stunning centrepiece.

Choose a theme or dress code

After nearly 2 years of on-and-off lockdowns, there has been little excuse to get dressed up to the nines for an evening of fun. Choosing a dress code, such as cocktail dresses and black tie, is a great excuse for people to wear that outfit they have been saving or treat themselves to something new.

Themes can be brought to life through dress code, decor, invitations, visual effects, entertainment and even through what food you serve. All of this creates a sense of build up and excitement that will have your guests counting down the days to the main event.

It is a playful way to bring together your guests and create a sense of community around a common idea. Not only is it fun and novel, it is also a key facilitator of networking and team-building.

Themes and dress codes can be entertaining for the guests attending and will create buzz not just during the event itself, but also during the lead-up. Communications can be harnessed in the weeks leading up to the event, including invites, teasers and reminders, to promote the event and increase the hype surrounding the evening. This is a great way for guests to engage and interact with the theme before the event has even begun.

Whether you choose casino night, the roaring 20s, red carpet or the swinging 60s, there are plenty of themes that allow you to create a memorable night through costume, audiovisual effects and decorations.

Wow your guests with a vodka luge

A vodka luge is an ice sculpture with vodka flowing through it, ready for the guest to drink at the bottom. Alcohol travels through an opening at the top and arrives, perfectly chilled, to the opening at the bottom, ready to be received by a guest’s glass (or, directly into their mouths!).

These sculptures can be shaped in various ways making them not only functional but also a stunning and unique centrepiece of your event. This means that you can make it a statement piece at your drinks reception or can even choose a shape to match your theme or express a key message. Use your luge to add a “wow factor” to your event!

You could have one giant vodka luge as the centrepiece or choose to have smaller luges on the different tables so that people are able to admire the beautiful sculpture whilst helping themselves to a perfectly chilled vodka.

Gone are the day of dull corporate events; vodka luges can encourage guests to relax and socialise. Not only will the centrepiece be a talking point, the sculptures are interactive and encourage everyone to grab a glass and get involved! This fun and unique idea will ensure that your corporate event is talked about for many months to come.

Create a new world with special effects

Upgrade your corporate event with photo booth hire the use of special effects such as mood lighting or audiovisual effects. These can help to create an impressive atmosphere and positively contribute to your guest’s experience. If you have chosen to go with a theme, these special effects can help to bring the theme alive. Be it smoke effects, lasers, or audiovisual effects to create a jungle or waterfall, all of these can create a whole new world for your event.

These special effects will help to inspire guests, capture their attention, boost the overall mood and create memorable moments. Get creative with 4K screens, LED lights or LCD walls, all of which can create unique and unforgettable settings for your events.

If you are going for the wow factor, you can even use confetti streams, flames or smoke to immerse your guests and excite their senses. For those going for a specific theme for their corporate event, audiovisual elements can help enhance the theme and further immerse your guests.

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