5 events that benefit from digital photo booths

Planning an event involves a lot of organisation and hard work to get it right. Not only do you need to arrange any speakers that might be attending, but you also need to book caterers and entertainment.

The last example is not always easy to do, especially if you have a group of people who don’t like to get involved. However, something like a digital photo booth can encourage people to take part and break the ice.

Here, then, are five types of events for which digital photo booths could be beneficial.

  1. Graduations

If you are holding a graduation event, then it is the perfect opportunity to organise digital photo booth hire. If there is one event that will often get the cameras snapping, it’s a graduation party. This doesn’t have to just be for young adults leaving university; younger kids are now experiencing graduation ceremonies as well.

Having a photo booth there will encourage students, parents, and perhaps even teachers to have a photo taken together. Not only will it add to the fun, but it will also provide a memorable keepsake afterwards.

  1. Fundraising

People usually organise a fundraising event to raise awareness and highlight an organisation’s work. Many such events are geared towards raising money for research into medical conditions or to help those less fortunate.

Because the aim is to help people donate to the mission, you will want to relax them and let them have some fun, as well as tell them the reason they are there. A photo booth can be a great way to break the ice and encourage people to relax.

If people have a good time at your fundraising event, they will also be more inclined to donate and support your cause.

Sometimes, you might have corporate sponsors attend your fundraising events as well. This could be to encourage them to donate, or as a ‘thank you’ for donating. A photo booth might be a good opportunity to use some corporate and organisational branding as well.

  1. Parties

One of the most popular reasons for requesting digital photo booth hire is the need to provide a focal point when one is organising a party. You might choose to have one or maybe even two photo booths to capture those fun moments at the party.

If you also add some fancy dress and other accessories, you can create some fun photos and make them even more memorable than they might have otherwise been.

Not only will you have the confident people wanting to have their photos taken, but the presence of the photo booth will also encourage the quiet ones to have a go.

If the party is for a brand launch or new products, then this is the perfect opportunity to add branded hats, t-shirts, and other accessories to the photo booth.

  1. Award ceremonies

Just like graduation events, an awards ceremony is a great event for a photo booth. You can have people who won awards getting their pictures taken with friends or family. You can also get team photos in a more relaxed and fun way.

Although awards ceremonies are usually formal events, that doesn’t mean you can’t inject a little fun into it, especially after the awards are presented.

These photos along with others taken at the event can then be used on the website (with permission), and on the walls of the team room. This will add an element of fun and nostalgia for those who have taken part at previous events.

  1. Competitions

If you are holding an event, there could initially be some hesitation among the attendees to actually use the photo booth. But holding a competition on the day of the event could encourage people to give the photo booth a go.

Let people know at the beginning of the event that you will be giving prizes to the best photos taken at the photo booth. This will give the attendees a reason to get their picture taken and have some fun along the way.

You may want to add a theme to the competition photos, or you might leave it to the attendees to decide. Don’t forget to have some outfits, hats, and other accessories nearby so that people can get creative.


There are many other types of events that benefit from digital photo booth hire. Even those that might seem relatively dull, such as networking events, can be transformed with a little interactive fun.

It is important to remember to use company branding if appropriate, especially if the public are attending, as images from the event could be shared on social media.

Are you ready to start discussing the possibilities of photo booth hire in London with our own team at Event Rhino? If so, it could scarcely be any easier to get in touch with us.

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