Giving shoppers more

The way we shop has changed completely.

Shopping in physical stores offers something unique compared to what online has to offer. Think about it, there’s the social aspect of the whole experience, where you come together with friends and interact with experienced assistants.

And of course, instore shopping offers something that online cannot – you can actually try, touch and take home your purchases right there and then!

But the latest research shows that today’s shoppers don’t see the value and pleasure in heading to the high street.

Today’s consumers have more knowledge, power and choice than ever before.

And when they do decide to go shopping, armed with all that info, they expect more from their shopping experience.

Retailers need to step up to these expectations and become more than just a shop.

Customers want an experience, where their online expectations of personalized, hassle-free shopping are realised.

But that’s not all. Consumers

brand activation

want to be entertained, excited and delighted in store.

And that’s where we come in.

Event Rhino work with retailers to showcase what they do best, offering photo booth hire in London for retail events.

We recently worked with House of Fraser to showcase their Beauty Event.

Beauty is one of the most personal shopping experiences and House of Fraser’s team delivers personalized, stellar service every time.

And they wanted everyone to know about it!

Event Rhino wanted to deliver maximum impact for House of Fraser and chose to use the full power of the Rhino Boom Booth Roamer.

This is the newest photo experience in our arsenal and we knew it was the perfect way to interact with customers, promote the services in store and increase House of Fraser’s online visibility.

brand activations
House of Fraser Beauty

The Rhino Boom Booth Roamer was fully customized with a branded start screen and overlays that highlighted all brands included in the event and showcased customers in their very own Vogue magazine cover.

Using both the Roamer screen and the booth in stand mode allowed Event Rhino to capture as many customers as possible.

We roamed the beauty hall, capturing happy customers following their makeovers and master classes. The Rhino Boom Booth stand was a star attraction in the centre of the hall, with groups and individuals making their way to the booth to have their moment in the spotlight.

GIFs, Boomerangs and of course selfies, were captured and shared straight to social media, via text and email.

In-store activations like this are a great crowd pleaser, giving consumers a reason to come into your store and interact with you and your products.

And with footfall decreasing on the high street, it has never been more important to give customers a reason to come into shops!

Even better, users cannot help but share the branded content that they create. They love the novelty of their VIP moment and in the age of all things social – they definitely know that they need to share pics or it didn’t happen!

For brands and businesses, the benefits of our photo booths to hire in London don’t stop there.

Our photo booth rentals in London & technology is designed not just to drive your digital reach; we also use our products to collate customer insights. The GDPR compliant data we collect can then be put to use in future personalised marketing campaigns.

Customers today want more, they want in-store experiences that they can’t get online or at home.

Retailers can’t afford to hold back and Event Rhino can help you create in-store activations and experiences that will get consumers off their sofas and into your shop.

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