How Do Digital Photo Booths Work?

How Do Digital Photo Booths Work?

If you are set to get married or hold a corporate event, you could benefit from understanding how to use a photo booth. That’s because the addition of one would inject a sense of fun into your event — such as a wedding, trade show, conference or product launch.

When researching photo booths available to rent, you might see some advertised as ‘digital’ — but how do digital photo booths work?

What Is A Digital Photo Booth?

Chances are that you have already seen at least a few ‘standard’ photo booths before. In essence, a photo booth is a physical space — of defined size and design — where individuals or groups can have fun getting themselves photographed in front of a static camera.

However, while a ‘traditional’ booth tends to contain physical props and backdrops as well, a digital booth can apply such decorative elements as these virtually (i.e. by using software). So, what else can make a photo booth ‘digital’?

Is A Photo Booth Always Physically Enclosed?

Not necessarily, though it typically is. The enclosure itself can be a tent, an inflatable structure or something more rigid — but, in all instances, is intended to provide privacy to whoever happens to occupy the booth at a given time.

By turning to us at Event Rhino, you can get hold of an enclosed unit for corporate functions. Nonetheless, for weddings, we offer photo booths in ‘open-air’ (i.e. non-enclosed) form, as we expect this to make for a more social experience that would better suit the occasion.

What Is The Camera Like?

Naturally, this needs to be a high-quality camera to deliver high-quality photos. It’s reassuring to know, then, that modern booths are usually fitted out with digital cameras as standard. As a result, you can expect the pictures to come out crisp, clear and in high definition.

We even have cameras that are integrated with Advanced Vision Analytics, a facial recognition system capable of scanning images to determine gender ratios and age ranges of pictured guests.

How Is The Lighting?

Without good lighting, you can’t have exceptional photographs. That’s why, when setting up a digital photo booth (a service we can provide to you as part of the hire agreement), we always arrange and calibrate its lighting fixtures carefully so that the subjects will be shown to the best advantage.

So, you won’t need to spend a long time fumbling with the lighting setup yourself just to keep the likes of harsh shadows and unflattering angles to a minimum.

Does A Photo Booth Also Come With A Touchscreen?

Yes — this touchscreen is used for an interface that will give you a wealth of customisation options at your fingertips.

With that single, intuitive control panel, you can flick through a range of photo layouts and filters as well as pick quirky digital props for inclusion in your photos. With each booth we rent out, we will provide an attendant who can teach your guests how to use photo booth elements such as these.

Our digital booths also allow each guest to start their photography session by first generating a QR code on their smartphone and subsequently holding this on-screen code up to the camera.

Can Our Digital Booths Print Out Photos, Too?

We offer premium photo booths ready to print out photos as soon as they are taken. You can also rest assured that we don’t impose any limits on the number of event photos the booth is allowed to print out during the hire period.

You could appreciate this plus point at a wedding when many of the guests are eager to obtain keepsakes to take home with them. Meanwhile, if the booth will be at a work event, you can opt to have your branding added to the printouts.

Digital Booths Offer Various Photo Sharing Options

How do digital photo booths work when it comes to the image sharing aspect? Of course, you could simply choose to distribute physical photos.

Still, as we are committed to sustainability and encourage the same among our customers, we have also made it possible for you to email or text images straight from the booth. By leveraging either of these sharing options, you can reduce the amount of paper you use.

For further insights into how a digital photo booth from EventRhino would be able to enrich your event in London or nearby, please ring us on 07843 662683.

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