Ideas To Make Your Corporate Golf Day Stand Out

Corporate golf days are all the rage at the moment and there’s a reason why. They’re inclusive, engaging and fun. They are also an excellent excuse to get out of the office for a few hours. For those who enjoy golf in their spare time it’s also a fabulous opportunity to show off some skill

Taking part in a corporate golf day is a completely different dynamic. After all, it’s with colleagues or business associates. This creates an unpredictable element, especially where competition is concerned, who knows what wild cards your opposing team, or even you own has. Although competition is rarely the most important factor when planning a corporate golf day, fun is. It’s also a chance to bond and improve business relations.

The question is how can a company ensure the day will be entertaining? Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Keep the bar stocked and ready

The bar is where everyone will eventually end up. It may be the only thing some colleagues are there for. Even if the bar is not free, ensuring that the company has put at least some money behind it will make sure the day is well attended. A glass of champagne on arrival would also set a positive tone to proceedings.  

Pick excellent caterers

Many venues have their own caterers, but if not choose some which are professionally themed and classy. Canapés go well with a golf related function. They feel high-end and sophisticated; this is exactly what the day should encapsulate, especially if the aim is to impress clients. 

Do everything you can to promote good PR

This is the most important thing to remember. Pictures of this day that portray the company and its clients in a positive light need to be prioritisedRelying on colleagues to take selfies isn’t enough. 

Here are some master class ideas to turn your pictures into marketing gold: Consider hiring a professional photographer, but don’t stop there, also consider taking advantage of Event Rhino Photo Mosaic Wall. This creates a mosaic of the pictures taken at an event along with so creative customisable options during and after

Every picture taken can be added to the mosaic wallNot only does this happen on a physical mosaic, but also in real time across your brands social media channels. The mosaic can begin at the very start of the day, as you arrive at the golf course and end as you all say goodnight. Your followers may not be there, but they will see every carefully curated detail that you’ve allowed them to see. Maximising your brand’s exposure and reputation. 

Attendees can also receive a digital folder containing all the pieces of the mosaic as a keepsake, to ideally to share on their social media channels. This keeps the momentum and any hash tags you’ve created in circulation long after the event has ended. 

For maximum impact you can also consider our digital photo booth hire. These are frequently used in conjunction with the Media Photo Mosaic. One we can recommend is the Rhino 360 photo booth hire. This high-spec booth, as the name implies, is fully rotatable 360 degrees and can create video, pictures and special effects while doing so. These outstanding videos can be used to document your golf day and update your mosaic as they do. From a PR point of view it really doesn’t get anymore technically advanced than this and the company will reap the rewards.


Evening entertainment

If the plan is for the event to last into the evening,then it’s unlikely to stay on the golf course all day. Consider some classical entertainment like a band or a singer. Some more modern and creative ideas are to hire a professional comedian to “roast” your boss. As long as it’s kept good natured this can be incredibly fun and makes the company CEO seem like a good sport after a days golfing. This is especially true if the staff let him or her win. 

Let us make your corporate golf day awesome by considering photo booth hire for corporate events. Contact our creative team today!

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