Photo Marketing – Make them stay

There is nothing permanent except change.

Anyone working in retail or hospitality knows that consumer demands are constantly changing and the only way to stay alive is to stay ahead.

Easier said than done.

We know all too well at Event Rhino how challenging it is out there.

The UK high street is in the middle of the most challenging retail environment since 1991 and the hospitality industry has seen a startling number of closures in the last few years.

There’s plenty of reasons for doom and gloom, but that won’t get you anywhere and we need to adapt to the new environment and change your offering to ensure that you are giving consumers what they want, when they want it.

Of course, your reaction to the growth of online shopping and the prevalence of online food delivery companies is to double down and make everything fast and convenient – getting customers in and out with their purchases as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And yes, some consumers don’t want to spend anymore time in store than they possibly can.

But that is not the case for every consumer.

brand activations

In fact, studies have shown that more and more consumers are willing to spend time and money if they see the experience as valuable.

So how do you offer value in-store or in your restaurant?

First and foremost, the offering has to be top notch, that goes without saying.

Consumers expect nothing less than the best, and if you aren’t offering that they will take their business elsewhere.

But that alone might not be enough to keep your customers coming in the door and wanting to stay.

Fear not, all is not lost, and it will be the innovative retailers and forward-thinking restaurateurs who will not only survive but thrive.

At Event Rhino we work with these innovative companies to help them create must-see experiences that tap into consumer trends and give them a reason to come, enjoy, dwell and ultimately purchase.

Photo Marketing Booth

The modern consumer doesn’t just love experiences though. They love sharing them on social media – because if there aren’t pics of the unmissable experience, then it didn’t happen!

And that’s where our photo booth hire in London can help.

By creating branded, custom-built experiences that use our digital photo booth hire, we are able to create the perfect dwell space for social-media loving consumers to immerse themselves in your brand and spend time getting to know what you are all about.

But they don’t just encourage people to just dwell, our activations drive brand awareness, both online and offline, and are the perfect tool to capture consumer data and insights to help you better understand what your customers want.

Photo Marketing BoothEvent Rhino can install your bespoke brand activation on a permanent basis or on a 3-month hire. This will allow us to monitor engagement, adapt the activation to reflect seasonal changes as well as respond to what your customers are telling us they want.

Event Rhino get it. It’s tough out there. But you can’t stand still and hope that customers will come through the door.

You need to give them an enriching experience that engages them and gives them a reason to come, stay and spend.


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