Pics or it didn’t happen

Every other day a brand or business launches a new product or service.

In today’s tough economic climate, you don’t want your launch to fall on deaf ears.

Whether it’s an event or product launch, you only get one shot.

This is your launch pad to set the trajectory of your venture. So whether you are looking to make new connections, capture the attention of a new audience or simply shout about your business, you need to hit the ground running.

And one of the most important ways to create a buzz is through custom experiences.

event experiences Today’s consumers have pretty much seen it all.

They expect more from brands.

An average event will set the tone for their interaction and engagement with your brand.

You can’t afford to be average.

From the outset you need to find ways to create authentic connections with your target audience.

event experiences And that’s where brand activations come in.

They are one of the most engaging marketing techniques out there and when used correctly can be incredibly powerful.

Especially when you harness the power of custom photography within your activation.

Whether it’s a press launch or corporate event, in-store activation or PR stunt, custom photography must be a part of your brand activation.

Consumers today don’t just expect more from your brand, if they like or indeed love it, they want to be able to share it instantly with the friends and followers.

As Inst-culture saying goes, “Pics or it didn’t happen”.

And if you want to tap into the digital landscape that is built on attention and visibility, you need to use experiential photography to stand out from the crowd.

Custom photographic experiences like our photo booth hire in London can help you leverage these consumers and get them to post organic content featuring your brand.

By making the brand activation so good they can’t help but share, you can tap into the millions of social media users to engage them with your brand.

And for the consumers attending your event, think about how you can totally immerse them in your brand story and leave them walking away from the booth wanting more.

This will result in increased traffic to your website or social media channels, create consumer trust and brand loyalty – and ultimately drive sales!

Let us take your brand to a new level, invest in our corporate photo booth rental, contact our creative team today! 

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