Raising funds? Raise brand awareness at the same time!

When you’re running a charity event, your primary focus is, naturally, on raising awareness of the charity itself.

And what better way of raising awareness than by providing attendees with the facility to take selfies and pics throughout the event with our photo booth rental in London.

Charity event ideasPhoto booths are almost a staple now at events – mainly for their entertainment factor. But they’re particularly good at charity or fundraising events.

Gone are the days, of course, when photo booths were just used for passport or driving licence pics. Now they’re much more sophisticated and can deliver fantastic experiences for all involved – particularly your sponsors!

Charity event ideasThat’s because photo booths provide you with mega opportunities for branding, and, in fact, many of today’s booths can now be completely customised to reflect a particular brand. From adding logos to the photos to wrapping the kiosk itself in a custom skin, there are so many ways of utilising a photo booth to raise brand awareness.

We can brand your charity event from the minute your attendees arrive at our booths. Think branded wrap on the mirror, branded start screen, branded digital props and photo overlay. We can even offer full data capture, so you can market to your guests post event!

One of the main benefits of photo booth rentals is that they give instant access to attendees to have their pics taken and to then share them (branded of course) on social media. With hundreds of photos shared to attendees’ personal social media accounts, your sponsors will have their logos shared hundreds, if not thousands of times in a short period of time.

Charity event ideasAt Event Rhino, we have a fabulous range of products that will boost exposure for your sponsors and build brand awareness – all in a fun way!

Our Halo Booth gives attendees the opportunity to pose in front of an interactive, chic photo booth. People are drawn to the booth by the bright halo of light that surrounds it, while the booth creates a completely customised photo booth experience, with stamps, filters and personalised animations. The opportunities for branding and personalisation are endless!

Charity event ideasFor the ultimate photographic experience, however, and if you’re aiming for optimal consumer engagement, then Event Rhino’s new mosaic wall will provide you with the ultimate in brand interaction.

Watch the fun as attendees take pics and selfies at your event, print them and then add them to the mosaic! Over the course of your charity event, you’ll see how the excitement builds as word gets around about what’s happening.

Don’t forget, of course, to use social media yourself to promote your charity event. Create a hashtag for the event that can be used in the lead-up to the event itself and for attendees to share their pics on.

Maximum exposure! Maximum promotion! Maximum return! Contact our creative team for some inspiration for your next charity event using our photo booth hire in London.

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