5 Trends for Virtual and Hybrid Events

The global economy, and almost every business sector, has been dealt a blow by Coronavirus in 2020. While most sectors have been negatively affected, some have suffered more than others. The events industry was hit hard by the pandemic with over 70% of the UK’s planned events for 2020 being cancelled or postponed. According to a report by Data Connectors and NowSourcing, the global events industry is worth $1.5 trillion per year. In addition, direct spending on airfare, hotel stays, dining and transportation are responsible for generating more than $1 trillion annually. If postponed events do proceed later in the year, or in early 2021, the likelihood is reduced attendance and footfall until the spread of the virus is under control and public and consumer confidence increases.


While the events industry has faced significant challenges this year, it has also been a revolutionary time for the sector with the significant rise in popularity of digital and virtual events. Video communications platforms Zoom and Slack are estimated to be worth $50billion more since the Coronavirus pandemic started, and a recent study conducted by the PCMA Education Foundation found that 67% of respondents expected to leverage technology to remotely participate in events for the next three years. The popularity of these digital solutions, however temporary, has seen a drastic increase in delegate uptake and participation in the first half of 2020 in events such as online webinars, seminars, workshops, facility tours, conferences, and trade shows.


The use of event technology such as digital registration processes, event marketing software, event-specific mobile apps, and digital event entertainment such as branded photo booth hire in London, was steadily increasing in popularity in recent years. However, the forced shift in 2020 to digital and virtual only events has resulted in creative and innovative event solutions that have been adopted and rolled out across entire industry sectors, and among demographics who previously would have been adverse to online only events.


Going forward, as we emerge from lockdown restrictions and begin to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, it is predicted that in-person events will see a surge in popularity as people – who are naturally social creatures – crave and appreciate more than ever before in-person interactions and networking. However, for a wide variety of reasons, individuals will also have grown to appreciate the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility of digital and virtual events, so it is more likely that events in the future will require a blended approach to benefit from the positive aspects of hybrid events.


Based on current trends and behaviours within the events industry, we’ve compiled five key trends we think are going to have a lasting and long-term impact on the sector for in-person, digital, and hybrid events going forward:


  1. Live Streaming

For those who are unable to attend an event for a range of factors such as clashing commitments, or expensive travel and accommodation costs, live streaming provides the opportunity for delegates to benefit from ‘attending’ the event, without having to be physically present. For events in very large venues, live streaming conference session and keynote addresses on screens or in hubs throughout the venue also enables more participants to engage without having to run from one side of the venue to another.


It’s worth noting that this is not as simple as live streaming an event on Facebook from your mobile phone. Proper investment will be required in the right technology, equipment, and likely a specialist technology and communications company to ensure live streaming and any other digital interactions at your event are streamlined, seamless, and integrated.


  1. Enhanced Experiences

Attending an in-person event is all about the experience. The attendee experience can be enhanced in a wide variety of ways through personalised communications, at-event entertainment, and through engaging attendees in interactive experiences. A recent survey of event planners found 78% placed immersive experiences at #1 above all other types of live entertainment. This can include photo booth hire London, escape rooms, and activities that are specifically designed to engage an individual or group directly.

Enhanced experience also includes streamlined and simplified processes – registration should be a breeze, event itineraries and maps should be easily accessible, and post-event follow-up should be seamless. Get these things right to make sure your event stands out.

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

While these technologies are available, they are not frequently used – yet. As they become more accessible expect to see more projections, 360-degree installations, virtual reality headsets and demos, and a myriad of other ways to educate, entertain and delight event attendees.

  1. Data Security

With increased digital and virtual event technology, including hybrid events, more personal and real-time data will be collected than ever before. While this can be incredibly useful when utilised correctly and offer a greater analysis and return-on-investment, with increased data collection comes the need for increased data security.

This is important on a practical level to ensure compliance with legislation, but it is also important for delegates to know that data security is taken seriously and that their data is being adequately protected. A 2020 report by PWC highlighted that 84% of consumers will gladly take their business elsewhere if they felt they couldn’t trust a business with their data.

  1. Inclusivity

Just as in-person events should be as inclusive and accessible as possible, so should digital and virtual events. This can include the use of clear language and instructions, appropriate font style and size, good colour contrast, and the use of sub-titles and translators. In addition, the same considerations should be given to the diversity of panels and speakers.

Let’s engage your audience and drive your brand forward with the latest Event Rhino Virtual Photo & Video Experiences!

Our new virtual photo marketing experiences create virtual events and supporting digital marketing campaign to deliver:

– Brand awareness

– Product education

– Consumer engagement

– User generated content

– Data collection

– Drive sales


Virtual Events – Utilizing our software and the advancement with photo marketing we can make virtual events even more interactive and most importantly measurable!

For example: A sports clubs New Kit Launch

The brand launch and host an online virtual launch party using technology such as Zoom or

Google Teams. Customers are invited to the party via their social media sites and email marketing.

Once they join the party, they are shown the new product and offered the chance to win prizes by taking part in the virtual photo experience!


– Click the link

– Use the brand photo booth on their device to take their selfie

– Receive their branded selfie by mobile or email

– Upload it to social media with the campaign hastag

– Scratch and win during the event

– Receive an exclusive discount code for money off the product in the final photo received



We show you the return on investment with a full data report including:

– Number of people in attendance

– Number of photo uploads

– Compliant email and phone numbers for re marketing

– Social reach using the event hastag

– use of the discount code

Hybrid Events – So let’s bring together an instore experience with virtual for the New Kit Launch!

Hosting an instore event and bringing together industry leaders and some of the players

for talks and Q&A’s (social distancing taken into account) or these people can be in multiple locations, and having the event streamed online for customers to join.

The launch will be pre promoted on social media and via digital marketing platforms – company website, blogs, emails etc. Launch posts will introduce what people can expect from the event and create a reason to attend.

Customers join the event online via a digital platform and enjoy the education on the new product before being invited to the virtual, interactive booth for the chance to win a products etc and receive their discount code for the new kit.



– Click the link

– Use the brand photo booth on their device to take their selfie

– Receive their branded selfie by mobile or email

– Upload it to social media with the campaign hastag

– Scratch and win during the event

– Receive an exclusive discount code for money off the product in the final photo received

You can supply the client with the following results post event:

– Number of people in attendance

– Number of photo uploads



We show you the return on investment with a full data report including:

– Compliant email and phone numbers for re marketing

– Social reach using the event hastag

– Sales via the discount code




At Event Rhino we are renowned for bringing brands to life through emotionally charged experiences, that drive, awareness, sales and meaningful consumer actions for our clients.

As we endeavour on the new and emerging marketing and event space, created by Covid-19, our team has worked tirelessly to develop new experiential marketing tools, focusing on our two key fields; Immersive Experiences, Emerging Technologies.

Immersive Experiences

An experience is driven by emotion – how it makes a person feel directly influences the memories they take away and therefore the power of the stories they share as a result of it.

Today’s consumers have a very different relationship to brands compared to that of previous generations. They look for quality, craft and depth in experiences and recommendations from friends and family, whether traditional word of mouth or social media, is a key factor in the purchasing decision.

Offering consumers, a chance to interact with brands in a meaningful and authentic manner, leads to enduring relationships, which as a result help drive customer loyalty and sales. By reaching consumers through multiple senses an even more engaging experience is created as the emotions evoked serve as powerful markers of memory and behavioural influence. Cinematic sets and effects, actors, environment, sound and smell can all be combined to create truly immersive experiences.

Research has shown that customers who have had a chance to experience or interact with a brand are 96% more inclined to make a purchase (Event Marketing Institute).

By combining experimental marketing with other tools such as vouchers, in-store promotions and photomechanics, it also offers brands a great opportunity to collate data, generate social media coverage and, of course, measure redemptions.

Emerging Technologies

The massive leaps in technology over the past decade have unlocked a new world of opportunities for brands to engage with consumers and communicate their stories in a truly immersive manner. They provide cultural relevance and leverage the impact and curiosity driven by innovation.

Event Rhino is a leader in providing state of the art photo booth rental in London technologies which can be incorporated into virtual events, hybrid events, digital and traditional onsite marketing campaigns.

Virtual Reality is only one of many tools allowing brands to merge the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds for powerful and effective marketing strategies. Technology is also enabling brands to amplify their messaging and campaigns in new ways, allowing experiences to live on for days, months and years across demographics and nations.

If your customers can’t come and engage with you, you go to them! Utilise our new virtual photo experiences you can bring your brand to life digitally and engage your customers, turning them into authentic online brand ambassadors!

So how does it work?

Event Rhinos virtual photo technology and innovative software is developed and branded for each campaign. The brand shares a web link or QR code on their social media channels, website, eshots inviting their audience or target audiences to get involved!

Rewarding consumers

  • Local consumers click the link
  • Their smart device is turned into a hand held photo booth
  • They take their picture and add the company branded overlay
  • Upload
  • Post to social media with the campaign hashtag
  • Scratch for the chance to win with the brand
  • Entered into a prize draw


Supporting the brand

  • The brand supports the campaign on their social media and digital marketing channels
  • Encourage customers to enter to win
  • Receive exposure from the campaign

Resulting in:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Audience engagement
  3. Brand & product education
  4. User generated content
  5. Social sharing
  6. GDPR Compliant data capture
  7. Digital marketing content creation
  8. Increased online brand footprint
  9. Consumer analytics and insights
  10. On trend marketing campaigns


Non touch photo marketing campaigns 

Open for business? Let your customers become your online ambassadors with an interactive, non-touch photo marketing campaign.


Event Rhino will install one of our innovative photo technologies teamed with state-of-the-art software bringing a new instore experience for your customers and a fantastic marketing tool to show case that you are open for business again and it is safe to visit!

Engaging your customers

  • A branded start screen with a QR Code will start the photo marketing experience
  • Customer takes their selfie
  • Selfie is created with a branded photo overlay
  • Customer shares their photo creation to their phone or email
  • Customer shares their photo on Instagram with a campaign hashtag for the chance to win a prize from the brand.

Benefits to the brand

  • Unlimited brand awareness
  • Exceptional customer engagement
  • GDPR compliant data capture
  • Authentic brand ambassadors created
  • User generated content
  • Social sharing
  • Increased online brand presence
  • Consumer analytics and insights
  • Leading experimental marketing campaigns

Let’s cut through the noise and bring your brand back to life! Contact our creative team today.