The big reveal

Great movies and novels often feature dramatic plot twists that we never see coming.

There really is no better way to keep readers and watchers interested and on the edge of their seats as they try to work out what’s next.

Like pulling a rabbit out of the hat, the big reveal is designed to shock, surprise and delight.

And that’s exactly what you want from your brand events and activations.

Because today’s consumers have pretty much seen it all.

They’ve been there, done that and probably don’t want to buy the t-shirt.

So how do you turn that around?

Well you need to give them something they’ve never seen before.

Consumers today value experiences over things.

So look at ways to tell your brand story and really interact with consumers in order to drive engagement, build trust and ultimately create loyal brand advocates.

We believe in the power of photo booth hire in London to deliver that engagement you need.

But as we’ve said the experience needs to be something totally new.

Something that wows the crowd draws them in and creates maximum impact for your brand.

Event Rhino Mosaic WallAnd that’s where the Photo Mosaic Wall comes in.

Choose the brand image you want to showcase and have consumers interact with and then get set for fun.

Designed to deliver jaw-dropping digital and physical mosaics from live event photos, this is an experience like no other.

All eyes are drawn to the mosaic wall and consumers love interacting with your brand as they share, or capture event images which are then combined to create your mosaic wall.

Photos can be fed in from social media hashtags (Instagram and Twitter), photographers and photo booths – it’s up to you!

The images are then printed as stickers, which consumers add to the wall themselves to create the mosaic.

And as the image becomes more clear, you’ll see others in the audience step up and want to take part in the big reveal.

The mosaic tiles can also be displayed as a digital wall either projected or displayed on a large-screen TV that will dazzle your audience as the photos transition into their place on the mosaic in real-time with a 3D effect.

And even better, you can boost your digital presence through savvy use of your event hashtag on twitter and Instagram to encourage everyone at the event to share their hashtagged images so they appear in the mosaic!

Photo Mosaic WallInteraction and engagement with your brand is guaranteed with the Photo Mosaic Wall as consumers can’t help but be drawn to the action.

Like the rabbit from the hat, the Photo Mosaic Wall is the unexpected entertainment twist your brand event needs to wow consumers.

When consumers have seen it all, getting them to interact with your brand can be tough.

But with the Photo Mosaic Wall, consumers experience something totally novel that will surprise, delight and ultimately create loyal brand advocates.

Let’s take your brand to a new level with photo booth rental in London. Contact our creative team today!

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