Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Are you planning to get wed? Whether you were the one who proposed or instead received the proposal, you are likely very excited about the prospect of getting to marry your lover. So much so, in fact, that you could be set to spend weeks and months preparing for the big day.

However, in amongst all of this, there is the question of how to make sure various especially exciting parts of the ceremony are faithfully captured.

Sure, you will be able to task a professional photographer with getting the main events on camera. However, those ‘main events’ will largely be limited to, for example, the first dance and the cutting of the cake. Many of the wedding’s highlights are bound to more spontaneous than such staged moments.

This all begins to touch upon why you should seriously consider photo booth hire. The Collins English Dictionary defines a photo booth as a “cubicle or small room in which a person sits to have their photograph taken by a machine”. So, how could your wedding benefit from one?

Are photo booths worth it at weddings?

Key to the appeal of a photo booth is its flexibility. Once you have hired a photo booth for wedding and had the unit all set up at the venue, your guests will be able to go in and out of the booth to get pictures of themselves largely as and when they please.

We say ‘largely’ because of course, it will depend on when exactly you leave the booth available for people to use in this way. You can schedule specific ‘open’ and ‘closed’ times for the booth and communicate this information to the guests, e.g. on signage.

That way, you won’t have to fear wild laughter potentially erupting in the background when you are having the romantic first dance with your new spouse.

Having a photo booth at your wedding can prove more than worthwhile. Many people actually feel more relaxed in a photo booth than in front of a professional photographer — and this will show in the photos. Also, you will essentially be able to get a second set of photos of your special day.


One reason why guests at your wedding will be naturally drawn to the photo booth is, quite simply, how fun it would promise to be. After all, many people will enter the booth with family or friends in tow, just so that they can get a mirthful group picture as a keepsake to take home with them.

Even those people who go it alone in the booth could be keen on getting silly selfies they know will generate a few laughs on social media.

While we are on the subject of that, you might want to hire our digital photo booth. This is so-called as it lets users add Instagram-style filters to photos that can then be seamlessly posted to social media.

It’s also possible for the photo booth experience to be integrated with other entertainment aspects. For example, A DJ or emcee at the wedding could indicate times — including during dinner and the cocktail hour — when it would be best for guests to use the booth.

Lifetime of memories

Just when the mood of a wedding can threaten to become too boring or stuffy, such as when a photographer is trying to position the subjects of his next photo just right, a photo booth can help diffuse the tension among everyone else at the reception.

For this reason, you should make sure the booth is positioned close to an oft-bustling area, such as the bar or dance floor. Otherwise, the guests could too easily overlook that a booth is even around.

Traditionally, a photo booth that does take a photo will print two photo strips — one for the guest and another for the bride and groom to put into, for example, a wedding album.

We can provide photo booths that do this. However, our digital booth can rapidly upload its own photos to a micro site allowing guests to download the images with ease.

In essence, a photo booth is not only fun to use but also great for enabling the wedding’s attendees to fondly look back on the day many weeks, months, and years down the line.

Personalised guest books

It might be conventional for a soon-to-be-wed couple to leave a guestbook open for the wedding’s guests to sign, but can’t this all feel a little boring in this day and age?

Fortunately, a photo booth can produce photo printouts for you to include in a guestbook. Next to their photo in the book, a guest will be able to write their name along with a message wishing you well. They could add a few quirky touches, too — such as by drawing some pictures.

The photo itself could already look wonderfully creative before it even ends up in the guestbook, given the wide array of custom templates and other enchanting visual effects a booth hired from EventRhino would enable users to include on their photos.

Wedding photo booth ideas

You might already be brimming with ideas for how to make the best use of a photo booth at your wedding. However, you could also be surprised by how much we are able to help you along the way.

For a start, when you turn to us for wedding photo booth hire, you can choose from many different tension fabric backdrops for the booth’s photos. You are welcome to ask us for advice on which of these backdrops would best suit your wedding’s overall aesthetic theme.

We also offer high-quality traditional props with which people will be able to pose for photos when in the booth. We can show you each of these props in turn, since you will want pieces that will help you strike the right vibe.

We are happy to answer any questions that you have about any photo booth we could assemble for your nuptials. Simply call 07843 662683 or contact us for further insights into our service and expertise.

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