Giving shoppers more

The way we shop has changed completely.

Shopping in physical stores offers something unique compared to what online has to offer. Think about it, there’s the social aspect of the whole experience, where you come together with friends and interact with experienced assistants.

And of course, instore shopping offers something that online cannot – you can actually try, touch and take home your purchases right there and then!

But the latest research shows that today’s shoppers don’t see the value and pleasure in heading to the high street.

Today’s consumers have more knowledge, power and choice than ever before.

And when they do decide to go shopping, armed with all that info, they expect more from their shopping experience.

Retailers need to step up to these expectations and become more than just a shop.

Customers want an experience, where their online expectations of personalized, hassle-free shopping are realised.

But that’s not all. Consumers

brand activation

want to be entertained, excited and delighted in store.

And that’s where we come in.

Event Rhino work with retailers to showcase what they do best, offering photo booth hire in London for retail events.

We recently worked with House of Fraser to showcase their Beauty Event.

Beauty is one of the most personal shopping experiences and House of Fraser’s team delivers personalized, stellar service every time.

And they wanted everyone to know about it!

Event Rhino wanted to deliver maximum impact for House of Fraser and chose to use the full power of the Rhino Boom Booth Roamer.

This is the newest photo experience in our arsenal and we knew it was the perfect way to interact with customers, promote the services in store and increase House of Fraser’s online visibility.

brand activations
House of Fraser Beauty

The Rhino Boom Booth Roamer was fully customized with a branded start screen and overlays that highlighted all brands included in the event and showcased customers in their very own Vogue magazine cover.

Using both the Roamer screen and the booth in stand mode allowed Event Rhino to capture as many customers as possible.

We roamed the beauty hall, capturing happy customers following their makeovers and master classes. The Rhino Boom Booth stand was a star attraction in the centre of the hall, with groups and individuals making their way to the booth to have their moment in the spotlight.

GIFs, Boomerangs and of course selfies, were captured and shared straight to social media, via text and email.

In-store activations like this are a great crowd pleaser, giving consumers a reason to come into your store and interact with you and your products.

And with footfall decreasing on the high street, it has never been more important to give customers a reason to come into shops!

Even better, users cannot help but share the branded content that they create. They love the novelty of their VIP moment and in the age of all things social – they definitely know that they need to share pics or it didn’t happen!

For brands and businesses, the benefits of our photo booths to hire in London don’t stop there.

Our photo booth rentals in London & technology is designed not just to drive your digital reach; we also use our products to collate customer insights. The GDPR compliant data we collect can then be put to use in future personalised marketing campaigns.

Customers today want more, they want in-store experiences that they can’t get online or at home.

Retailers can’t afford to hold back and Event Rhino can help you create in-store activations and experiences that will get consumers off their sofas and into your shop.


The brief

Digital Photo Booth Hire LondonBeing a member of Playboy Club London unlocks a host of experiences and benefits including invitations to exclusive parties, member only events and promotions, plus exclusive offer and VIP hospitality at sporting events.

When Play Boy Club London host events, they throw the ultimate party for their private members club!

With Drake in town where else would he want to throw a party? And Play Boy Club London wanted to make the experience unforgettable for everyone in attendance, with an exclusive photo marketing experience.



The Photo Experience  

Digital Photo Booth Hire LondonThe Event Rhino team stood up to the challenge and developed the ultimate photo booth hire in London for Drakes private party.

Utilising the Digital photo Booth hire, is perfect for intimate venues and exceptional brand opportunities, our team developed a selfie loving party experience for Drakes exclusive party at Play Boy Club London.

5 hours of digital selfie loving fun included:

  • A cool branded, animated start screen to welcomed Drakes guests
  • Guests were invited to create their own media creation including still images and boomerangs!
  • Their creation was completed with a cool brand overlay
  • Using our innovative software guests could instantly share their branded, user generated content via email or text message!

The results

Digital Photo Booth Hire LondonThe ultimate in brand awareness and VIP user generated content!

  • Over 240 VIP guests enjoyed the Drake Digital Photo experience
  • Play Boy Club London received over 300 branded images from the event
  • Content was shared via email, text and social media over 320 times
  • Play Boy Club London received all data from the experience for remarketing purposes
  • The event content reached over 33,500 people in less than 24 hours with almost 111,000 reach!

Dominique Addison, Play Boy Club London said, “We tasked Event Rhino with creating and delivering an experience for one of our VIP clients at very short notice! The team worked closely with us to develop an exception digital photo experience which was second to none. Both the client and their guests loved the photo experience and I cannot wait to work with the Event Rhino team again on future events!”

The big reveal

Great movies and novels often feature dramatic plot twists that we never see coming.

There really is no better way to keep readers and watchers interested and on the edge of their seats as they try to work out what’s next.

Like pulling a rabbit out of the hat, the big reveal is designed to shock, surprise and delight.

And that’s exactly what you want from your brand events and activations.

Because today’s consumers have pretty much seen it all.

They’ve been there, done that and probably don’t want to buy the t-shirt.


So how do you turn that around?

Well you need to give them something they’ve never seen before.

Consumers today value experiences over things.

So look at ways to tell your brand story and really interact with consumers in order to drive engagement, build trust and ultimately create loyal brand advocates.

We believe in the power of photo booth hire in London to deliver that engagement you need.

But as we’ve said the experience needs to be something totally new.

Something that wows the crowd draws them in and creates maximum impact for your brand.

Event Rhino Mosaic WallAnd that’s where the Photo Mosaic Wall comes in.

Choose the brand image you want to showcase and have consumers interact with and then get set for fun.


Designed to deliver jaw-dropping digital and physical mosaics from live event photos, this is an experience like no other.

All eyes are drawn to the mosaic wall and consumers love interacting with your brand as they share, or capture event images which are then combined to create your mosaic wall.

Photos can be fed in from social media hashtags (Instagram and Twitter), photographers and photo booths – it’s up to you!

The images are then printed as stickers, which consumers add to the wall themselves to create the mosaic.

And as the image becomes more clear, you’ll see others in the audience step up and want to take part in the big reveal.


The mosaic tiles can also be displayed as a digital wall either projected or displayed on a large-screen TV that will dazzle your audience as the photos transition into their place on the mosaic in real-time with a 3D effect.

And even better, you can boost your digital presence through savvy use of your event hashtag on twitter and Instagram to encourage everyone at the event to share their hashtagged images so they appear in the mosaic!

Photo Mosaic WallInteraction and engagement with your brand is guaranteed with the Photo Mosaic Wall as consumers can’t help but be drawn to the action.

Like the rabbit from the hat, the Photo Mosaic Wall is the unexpected entertainment twist your brand event needs to wow consumers.


When consumers have seen it all, getting them to interact with your brand can be tough.

But with the Photo Mosaic Wall, consumers experience something totally novel that will surprise, delight and ultimately create loyal brand advocates.

Let’s take your brand to a new level with photo booth rental in London. Contact our creative team today!

Marketing Trends you can’t ignore in 2019

The world of brand marketing is ever changing and now, more than ever, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the key concepts, must follow trends, and continuous advancements in digital, event and mobile marketing.

Gone are the days when a solely traditional marketing strategy would engage your audience and capture the attention of your target market. While a blended approach between traditional and digital marketing is often preferred, we are seeing a significant increase in effort, budget and investment being made into larger content and digital marketing campaigns, and it is set to stay that way for the foreseeable.

Where should you be investing your time and effort?

What marketing trend will be the next big thing?

And where can you make a significant return on investment?

Here are nine of the latest marketing trends that you need to use to draw massive attention to your brand:

  1. Video, Video, Video

Video MarketingThe old adage “a picture speaks a thousand words” still holds true, but if that’s the case then by modern standards a video speaks a million.

Video marketing has been steadily increasing in popularity over the last five years, with more businesses than ever using animated explainer videos, live-action promotional videos, and short but engaging videos embedded into websites and on social media platforms, such as Facebook, to grab the attention of their target audience, and for good reason –

  • YouTube viewers watch a billion hours of video every day.
  • Facebook users consume over 8 billion videos every day.
  • Video consumption on Instagram has gone up 40% in 2019.

From staged promotional videos that make use of storyboarding and good lighting, to off-the-cuff Facebook Live and Instagram Stories – video marketing offers flexibility, and it doesn’t need to be expensive thanks to the high spec cameras available on modern smartphones. – Our 360 degree photo booth is the perfect fit!

Just remember to include captions – a study in 2017 found that 85% of Facebook video is watched with the sound turned off!

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Luton2. Mirror Photo Booth

Most of us have had a great experience with a Photo Booth by now, right? The chances are you’ve come across one at a friend’s wedding, a corporate event, or a charity fundraiser – they usually come complete with hilarious props and the option to commemorate the event (and your funny poses) with friends and colleagues forever in the shape of a keepsake keyring.

As is the case with all technology, event rhino offer photo booth rental in London and provide you with considerable bang for your marketing buck – say “hello” to the interactive magic mirror.

This innovative touch screen “photo booth” offers hugely popular images, video messages as well as unique features, which can include custom-made and bespoke brand graphics and animations.

The final creation is printed and sent directly to the user’s phone or email address, which puts your brand directly in your target audiences’ hand.

This can be capitalized on even further – because we’re all so social in 2019, chances are the majority of users will share their images on their social media platforms – significantly increasing your reach, and this can even be encouraged through the use of a social media competition where a winner is selected from users who share the image with a brand-related hashtag of your choice.


  1. Influencers

Bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers have been around for a few years now, but marketers haven’t yet taken full advantage of forming relationships with these everyday people who have a lot of, well… influence.

Mirror Photo Booth Hire Luton

While celebrity endorsements have been commonplace for a very long time, authentic collaborations and partnerships with “normal” people who have their own online following are becoming more and more popular, and are yielding better and better results – People buy from people!

These influencers already have the attention of your target audience, they have a relationship with your target market, and your current and potential customers trust them – this gives you a significant head-start when promoting your brand to specific individuals, and when it’s done right, the rewards are considerable.

It’s important to note that there are influencers available for practically every niche and budget – so companies large and small can get in on the action.


  1. Platform-Specific Content

Mirror Photo Booth Hire LutonWhether it’s an image, a video, or a link to a blog post, historically marketers created one piece of content and shared it across all of their online platforms along with a link back to their website, because website hits were considered the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to aim for.

Today, due to the sales pipeline and integration development of social media, as well as the nuanced nature of target audiences, marketers are realising that each platform is significant in its own right, and that content should be tailored and curated for each individually.

That’s not to say that “cornerstone” content can’t or shouldn’t be shared across multiple platforms, but there are occasions where each platform can function as a hub for its own content.

What’s important is that the message or story is consistent, but the method of delivery can be tailored to what best suits the intended audience or the nature of the platform it is being shared on. This will help to significantly boost engagement in 2019, and beyond.


  1. Content Is King

Mirror Photo Booth Hire LutonContent is quickly becoming the most important piece of the marketing puzzle, with brands releasing podcasts, magazines, and newsletters, as well as supporting activism campaigns with uplifting messages, none of which are overly “salesy” or have an obvious and direct link to their specific products or services.

In fact, in 2019 the brands that have been the most successful are the ones that have put content at the forefront of their marketing strategy, with many operating their marketing departments like a media company.

It doesn’t matter which platforms you use to spread your message, the point is this – tell a story, and create interesting, informative, and engaging content that isn’t directly sales-related.


  1. Make It Human

Mirror Photo Booth Hire LutonThe trend in recent years has been to beat the algorithms – using hashtags, header tags and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to trick the system and get your brand noticed.

However, the next generation of marketing is focusing on creating authentic and organic content that genuinely appeals to your target audience to get attention, thereby creating a community of engaged followers who actually want to know what your brand is up to.

Ultimately, Google personalises search results based on search history and patterns, and Facebook and Instagram push content to the top of users’ feeds based on who they engage with most often – the more you meet the needs of your audience and focus on the humans – the less likely it is that you’ll need to worry about algorithms.


  1. What’s Your Message?

Brands that give back to the community or have a social impact are out-performing their competitors who don’t engage in the same way.

Over 40% of consumers find it at least somewhat important for brands to take a stand on social and political issues – the age of the conscious shopper has dawned, and it’s on the rise.

As a business, this engagement needs to be done with consideration. However, it’s important to note that people are more engaged with brands they can identify with, who they feel represent them and their beliefs.

Consumers no longer consider just the benefits of your products or services when they make a purchase. In fact, research shows consumer decisions are less influenced by price point today than just three years ago – instead, they want to know what your brand stands for, and what you’re doing outside of your business to help the local, and even global, community.


  1. Gen Z, Please Stand Up

It feels like everywhere we turn we’re still being hit with the “Millennial” sledgehammer. Who are these mythical avocado-eating #FitFam creatures, and just what do they want? It’s always important for brands to understand the wants, needs and desires of the generation they are marketing to – but now we have a new one to worry about – Generation Z.

Kids born in the late 90’s onwards are becoming adults who can make purchasing decisions, and brands want to know how to reach them. Here are some key things to know about Gen Z:

  • By 2020 the global Gen Z population is expected to reach 2.56 billion.
  • 85% of Gen Z use social media to find out about new products.
  • 32% of Gen Z watch at least an hour of video content online each day.
  • Nearly 50% of Gen Z spend 10 hours a day online.

The preferences of your target market are undoubtedly important and will influence your marketing mix. For example, 63% of Gen Z prefer to see real people in adverts instead of celebrities, which ties in nicely with the boom we’ve seen in influencer marketing and user generated content.


  1. Consumers Expect Transparency

A few years ago, the transparent brands were the “cool” ones. It made them daring, different and edgy. Today, consumers expect brands to be transparent. If you aren’t upfront and honest about your businesses practices not only will you lose popularity but you also risk exposure, and usually in a very public setting.

In years gone by a customer, a complaint may have taken the form of a letter, phone call, or strongly worded email, but today consumers take to social media like never before to air their grievances publicly, which is why it’s important for businesses to maintain open communication with their consumers and customers.

While social media offers numerous and significant benefits to business, it also opens up a platform where the consumer is the one in the driving seat, and you need to ensure that you respond timely, appropriately, and transparently on such a platform if things go wrong.

  • 81% of consumers believe social media has increased accountability for brands.
  • 70% of consumers feel that social media has forced brands to become more transparent.

With technological developments occurring at a lightning pace, and consumer-business interactions continuously changing, it’s likely that mobile and digital marketing will continue to evolve on at least an annual basis for the foreseeable future, which means to be seen and grab your audiences’ attention, you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Give your brand the digital platform it requires in 2019 & discover our corporate photo booth hire in London, contact our creative team today! 

Raising funds? Raise brand awareness at the same time!

When you’re running a charity event, your primary focus is, naturally, on raising awareness of the charity itself.

And what better way of raising awareness than by providing attendees with the facility to take selfies and pics throughout the event with our photo booth rental in London.

Charity event ideasPhoto booths are almost a staple now at events – mainly for their entertainment factor. But they’re particularly good at charity or fundraising events.

Gone are the days, of course, when photo booths were just used for passport or driving licence pics. Now they’re much more sophisticated and can deliver fantastic experiences for all involved – particularly your sponsors!

Charity event ideasThat’s because photo booths provide you with mega opportunities for branding, and, in fact, many of today’s booths can now be completely customised to reflect a particular brand. From adding logos to the photos to wrapping the kiosk itself in a custom skin, there are so many ways of utilising a photo booth to raise brand awareness.

We can brand your charity event from the minute your attendees arrive at our booths. Think branded wrap on the mirror, branded start screen, branded digital props and photo overlay. We can even offer full data capture, so you can market to your guests post event!

One of the main benefits of photo booth rentals is that they give instant access to attendees to have their pics taken and to then share them (branded of course) on social media. With hundreds of photos shared to attendees’ personal social media accounts, your sponsors will have their logos shared hundreds, if not thousands of times in a short period of time.

Charity event ideasAt Event Rhino, we have a fabulous range of products that will boost exposure for your sponsors and build brand awareness – all in a fun way!

Our Halo Booth gives attendees the opportunity to pose in front of an interactive, chic photo booth. People are drawn to the booth by the bright halo of light that surrounds it, while the booth creates a completely customised photo booth experience, with stamps, filters and personalised animations. The opportunities for branding and personalisation are endless!

Charity event ideasFor the ultimate photographic experience, however, and if you’re aiming for optimal consumer engagement, then Event Rhino’s new mosaic wall will provide you with the ultimate in brand interaction.

Watch the fun as attendees take pics and selfies at your event, print them and then add them to the mosaic! Over the course of your charity event, you’ll see how the excitement builds as word gets around about what’s happening.

Don’t forget, of course, to use social media yourself to promote your charity event. Create a hashtag for the event that can be used in the lead-up to the event itself and for attendees to share their pics on.

Maximum exposure! Maximum promotion! Maximum return! Contact our creative team for some inspiration for your next charity event using our photo booth hire in London.

Don’t Let Photo Booth Fraudsters Ruin Your Big Event

Photo booth hire in London has become increasingly popular in recent years. As with most things that become a massive trend, fakes and copies soon follow.

It has been widely reported that fake photo booth companies are becoming more and more common – they advertise a wide range of photo booth services, take payments from unsuspecting customers, and when the day of the big event arrives – they are nowhere to be seen.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance, a leading provider of wedding insurance in the UK, conducted an analysis of claims and discovered that a growing number of people are being conned by fake photo booth companies who take bookings and then never show up.

Photo booth hire LondonWhether you’re planning to hire a photo booth in London for your wedding, a corporate celebration or function, or for a private party, these simple steps could help ensure that your photo booth booking goes as planned, and that you won’t be left disappointed and out of pocket.

  1. Check for references. Look for case studies and images on the company’s website that show their photo booths in action. Look them up on social media and check out their reviews. Ask for contact details for a couple of their previous customers and speak with them to see what level of service they received, and to check that the business is genuine.
  2. Use a credit card. When making a booking or paying a deposit, use a credit card where possible. This will provide you with extra protection to get some, or all, of your money reimbursed should you later discover that the company is not legitimate.
  3. Photo booth hire LondonBe wary of deal websites. There are lots of popular “daily deal” style websites that are used by savvy money-savers. However, they can occasionally have fraudulent companies that operate through them by posting a deal, taking the money, and then suddenly disappearing with the goods never being delivered, or the service never being provided. Most well-known deal websites carry out checks to ensure this does not happen, but you can never be too careful, so carry out your own investigation of the company before taking the deal.
  4. Check for hidden costs. The price quoted to you for the rental of the photobooth should be exactly what you have to pay. Make sure you receive a detailed breakdown of exactly what is included in this charge. Some companies have been known to add strange service charges or additional costs for printed photos.

Jon Haines from Event Rhino said: “Booking 3rd party services for a big event can be stressful for most people with so many things to juggle and people to keep track of. To be left with no one turning up on the day just adds to that stress and ruins the event.

“A reputable company will be able to refer you to testimonials from real people and they’ll have a great portfolio of previous jobs and clients to show.

“If in any doubt at any time don’t be afraid to ask questions, remember that you’re the customer and you have a right to get answers that will give you more confidence to buy.”