How to Host a Fun Corporate Event

Corporate events are pivotal for fostering team spirit, networking, and showcasing your brand in a vibrant light. Yet, the challenge lies in breaking the mould of conventional, often mundane gatherings to create an experience that’s both memorable and enjoyable. With the right planning and a touch of creativity—like incorporating innovative entertainment solutions such as photo booth hires from Event Rhino—hosting a fun corporate event becomes not just a possibility, but a guaranteed success. The purpose of this guide is to guide you through the essentials of planning an enjoyable corporate event that attendees will remember for a very long time.

Understanding the Basics

Firstly, clarity on the event’s objectives—be it team building, networking, or showcasing a new product—is essential. Equally important is budgeting accurately and selecting a venue that aligns with your event’s goals and size. A detailed checklist covering logistics, guest experience, and contingency plans lays a solid foundation for success.

Adding the Fun Element

A corporate event is memorable because of its ability to engage and entertain. Select activities that reflect your company’s culture to encourage participation. Incorporating innovative entertainment solutions, such as photo booths, can significantly enhance the fun quotient. These elements entertain and foster interaction among attendees, making the event more enjoyable and memorable.

Success Stories: Real-World Corporate Event Inspirations

Let’s delve into real-world examples that showcase the transformative power of specific activities and themes to bring the concept of appealing corporate events to life. Consider an event hosted by a leading tech company, which used a virtual reality photo booth to transport guests to various iconic locations worldwide, effectively highlighting their global reach and innovative spirit. Another example includes a health and wellness brand that organised a retreat featuring mindfulness workshops and a photo booth with custom, serene backdrops, promoting their commitment to mental well-being. These instances underscore how creatively used interactive elements like photo booths can provide actionable ideas to elevate your event, making it enjoyable and deeply resonant with your brand’s message.

Engaging Your Audience

Active participation is crucial for the success of any event. Utilise technology and social media to enhance the experience; it’s not just about the event itself but how it extends online. Features like live polls, Q&A sessions, and social media contests can keep the audience engaged and involved, extending the event’s reach and impact. 

Event Rhino’s photo booths play a pivotal role here, offering features that make social media sharing effortless and fun. This amplifies your event’s visibility and fosters a sense of community among participants. Discover how Event Rhino’s photo booths facilitate social media sharing, turning attendees into active promoters of your brand.

Branding and Customisation

Customisation and branding within corporate events, especially through entertainment options like photo booths, play a crucial role in reflecting and enhancing a company’s brand identity. Companies can create unique branding opportunities that resonate with attendees by tailoring photo booth experiences with custom props or themed backgrounds. For instance, a tech company might use futuristic or tech-themed props and backgrounds, while a fashion brand could opt for stylish, trend-setting accessories. These personalised touches not only reinforce the brand’s image but also make the event more memorable, allowing for distinctive photo opportunities that attendees are likely to share widely, further amplifying brand visibility. For inspiration on how past clients have effectively leveraged photo booth hire for brand exposure, explore the examples on Event Rhino’s website.

Planning and Execution

Organising a corporate event smoothly requires meticulous attention to logistics, especially when incorporating entertainment. Coordination with vendors is key to ensuring a seamless experience for attendees, from the initial setup to the final execution. Event Rhino stands out by offering support and hassle-free setup for their photo booth services, verifying that entertainment integrates smoothly into your event, and enhancing the overall experience without adding to your workload. This level of support is crucial for event planners aiming for a successful and memorable corporate event.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Discover how Event Rhino’s photo booths have transformed corporate events by exploring real-life case studies and testimonials from satisfied clients. These stories highlight the unique ways in which businesses have used Event Rhino’s services to enhance their events, boost brand visibility, and create unforgettable experiences for attendees. For a deeper insight into these success stories, visit the testimonials and case studies section on the Event Rhino website.


In conclusion, a successful corporate event hinges on careful organisation, incorporating exciting elements like photo booths, and focusing on branding and audience engagement. Consider the lasting impact of such an event on team morale and brand image. For a truly memorable experience that meets these criteria, explore Event Rhino’s corporate photo booth hire options for your next event. This could be the key to elevating your corporate gatherings to new heights of enjoyment and effectiveness.

How To Do A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Your wedding brings a mixed bag of feelings – joy, nerves, laughter, maybe a few happy tears. It’s a day unlike any other. Time seems to sweep by so quickly, like confetti on the wind. But the music, the smiles, the promises linger long after the cake is cut and farewells are said. In this regard, traditional photos, while beautiful, can sometimes feel stiff and formal. All you need to introduce is a fun and interactive solution- a wedding photo booth!

This modern twist on capturing memories adds a playful element to your reception. It boosts guest engagement and creates unique experiences. But where do you start? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to build your perfect wedding photo booth experience.

1. Decide on Your Booth Style: Open Air or Enclosed?

The first step is choosing the booth format. Two popular options are:

  • Open-air booths: These booths offer more flexibility and accessibility and are ideal for smaller spaces or mingling crowds. You can consider backdrops, props, and instant prints to create a casual, social atmosphere.
  • Enclosed booths: These booths create a dedicated fun zone with curtains or walls. They are designed to offer a sense of privacy to your guests during the shoot. In this regard, a classic “curtained booth” setup or modern options like 360° booths can offer great immersive experiences.

Tip: Check out Event Rhino’s exquisite range of photo booths for inspiration, including open-air, magic mirror, and 360° options.

2. Set the Theme and Vibe: Elegance, Fun, or Whimsy?

Next, define the theme and atmosphere you want to create. This can match your overall wedding aesthetic or be a standalone highlight. Popular themes include:

  • Romantic: Go for soft lighting, elegant backdrops, and props like rose petals and feathers.
  • Vintage: Opt for black and white filters, rustic props like suitcases and typewriters, and a “filmstrip” theme for the prints.
  • Fun and Quirky: Explore wild themes with colourful decorations, inflatable props, and playful signage.

Note: Remember, the props are key! Choose a mix of fun hats, glasses, masks, and signs that cater to different groups and personalities.

3. Capture the Memories: Prints, Digital, or Both?

Decide how you want your guests to access the photos. Do you want instant prints, a digital gallery, or both? Instant prints can create immediate gratification and are best for physical keepsakes. On the other hand, digital galleries allow wider sharing and easier storage. However, you can always go for both options to make the occasion memorable for your guests.

Tip: Add customised hashtags while uploading photos on social media. You can also place a guest book near the booth to record sweet messages.

4. Choose Your Tech Wizard: DIY or Rental Bliss?

There are two main options for setting up your booth:

  • DIY: If you’re tech-savvy and budget-conscious, you can rent a basic photo booth setup and manage it yourself. However, this requires technical expertise and a lot of time.
  • Professional rental: Alternatively, you can opt for a wedding photo booth hire company like Event Rhino to ensure a smooth experience with high-quality equipment, professional setup, and experienced attendants.

5. Spread the Word: Announce Your Fun Zone!

Don’t surprise your guests with the photo booth at the last moment. Make sure guests know about it with signage, announcements, and even social media teasers beforehand. Consider tuning the booth into wedding games or challenges to encourage participation.

Bonus Tips:

  • Personalise the experience: Use custom backdrops, props, and even photo templates that reflect your love story.
  • Hire a photo booth attendant: This ensures smooth operation, helps guests and captures candid moments.
  • Offer fun backdrops and lighting: Experiment with different lighting arrangements and backdrops to create dynamic and visually appealing photos.
  • Think accessibility: Ensure your booth is accessible to all guests, including those with physical limitations.
  • Don’t forget the props!: Offer a variety of props that appeal to different ages and personalities.

Remember, your wedding photo booth is all about creating fun memories and capturing genuine laughter and joy. So let loose, have fun, and embrace the silliness!

With these tips and resources, you’re well on your way to creating a wedding photo booth that will be the talk of the town – and leave you with a priceless collection of memories to cherish forever.

Weeding Booth Hire FAQs:

Q: How much does a wedding photo booth cost?

A: The cost varies depending on the booth type, rental duration, additional features (e.g. instant prints), and additional services. Renting from a professional company like Event Rhino typically starts around £300 and can go up based on your needs.

Q: Do I need a lot of space for a photo booth?

A: It depends on the type of booth you choose. Open-air booths require less space than enclosed booths. They typically need just a 6 ft x 6 ft area. 360° booths generally require slightly more space, around 8 ft x 8 ft. Consider your venue layout and guest flow when making your decision.

Q: What kind of props should I provide?

A: You can offer a variety of props as per the taste and age group of your guests. Include classic fun items like hats, glasses, boas, and signs. Consider thematic props that match your wedding style, or add some unique, personalised touches like inflatable guitars or custom signs with your names.

Q: Should I hire a photo booth attendant?

A: It is highly recommended to hire an attendant for a smooth and hassle-free experience. They can help guests use the booth, troubleshoot any issues, and ensure everything runs smoothly. They can also capture additional candid moments outside the booth and add to the overall fun atmosphere.

Q: Can I customise the photo prints or digital gallery?

A: Many rental companies offer customisation options for prints and digital galleries. You can add your name, wedding date, a custom logo, or even a special message to personalise the keepsakes for your guests.

Q: What happens to the photos after the event?

A: This depends on your agreement with the rental company. Some companies provide the digital files immediately, while others deliver them within a specific timeframe. Make sure you clarify this beforehand.

Q: Can I use a DIY photo booth option? A: Yes, DIY options are available, but they require more planning and technical expertise. You’ll need to source equipment, set up software, and troubleshoot any issues yourself. If you’re comfortable with technology and budget-conscious, it can be an option. But, make the decision considering the potential hassle of the DIY option versus the convenience of a professional rental setup.

Why You Should Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Are you planning to get wed? Whether you were the one who proposed or instead received the proposal, you are likely very excited about the prospect of getting to marry your lover. So much so, in fact, that you could be set to spend weeks and months preparing for the big day.

However, in amongst all of this, there is the question of how to make sure various especially exciting parts of the ceremony are faithfully captured.

Sure, you will be able to task a professional photographer with getting the main events on camera. However, those ‘main events’ will largely be limited to, for example, the first dance and the cutting of the cake. Many of the wedding’s highlights are bound to more spontaneous than such staged moments.

This all begins to touch upon why you should seriously consider hiring a photo booth. The Collins English Dictionary defines a photo booth as a “cubicle or small room in which a person sits to have their photograph taken by a machine”. So, how could your wedding benefit from one?

Are photo booths worth it at weddings?

Key to the appeal of a photo booth is its flexibility. Once you have hired a booth for your wedding and had the unit all set up at the venue, your guests will be able to go in and out of the booth to get pictures of themselves largely as and when they please.

We say ‘largely’ because of course, it will depend on when exactly you leave the booth available for people to use in this way. You can schedule specific ‘open’ and ‘closed’ times for the booth and communicate this information to the guests, e.g. on signage.

That way, you won’t have to fear wild laughter potentially erupting in the background when you are having the romantic first dance with your new spouse.

Having a photo booth at your wedding can prove more than worthwhile. Many people actually feel more relaxed in a photo booth than in front of a professional photographer — and this will show in the photos. Also, you will essentially be able to get a second set of photos of your special day.


One reason why guests at your wedding will be naturally drawn to the photo booth is, quite simply, how fun it would promise to be. After all, many people will enter the booth with family or friends in tow, just so that they can get a mirthful group picture as a keepsake to take home with them.

Even those people who go it alone in the booth could be keen on getting silly selfies they know will generate a few laughs on social media.

While we are on the subject of that, you might want to hire our digital booth. This is so-called as it lets users add Instagram-style filters to photos that can then be seamlessly posted to social media.

It’s also possible for the photo booth experience to be integrated with other entertainment aspects. For example, A DJ or emcee at the wedding could indicate times — including during dinner and the cocktail hour — when it would be best for guests to use the booth.

Lifetime of memories

Just when the mood of a wedding can threaten to become too boring or stuffy, such as when a photographer is trying to position the subjects of his next photo just right, a photo booth can help diffuse the tension among everyone else at the reception.

For this reason, you should make sure the booth is positioned close to an oft-bustling area, such as the bar or dance floor. Otherwise, the guests could too easily overlook that a booth is even around.

Traditionally, a photo booth that does take a photo will print two photo strips — one for the guest and another for the bride and groom to put into, for example, a wedding album.

We can provide photo booths that do this. However, our digital booth can rapidly upload its own photos to a micro site allowing guests to download the images with ease.

In essence, a photo booth is not only fun to use but also great for enabling the wedding’s attendees to fondly look back on the day many weeks, months, and years down the line.

Personalised guest books

It might be conventional for a soon-to-be-wed couple to leave a guestbook open for the wedding’s guests to sign, but can’t this all feel a little boring in this day and age?

Fortunately, a photo booth can produce photo printouts for you to include in a guestbook. Next to their photo in the book, a guest will be able to write their name along with a message wishing you well. They could add a few quirky touches, too — such as by drawing some pictures.

The photo itself could already look wonderfully creative before it even ends up in the guestbook, given the wide array of custom templates and other enchanting visual effects a booth hired from EventRhino would enable users to include on their photos.

Wedding photo booth ideas

You might already be brimming with ideas for how to make the best use of a photo booth at your wedding. However, you could also be surprised by how much we are able to help you along the way.

For a start, when you turn to us for wedding photo booth hire, you can choose from many different tension fabric backdrops for the booth’s photos. You are welcome to ask us for advice on which of these backdrops would best suit your wedding’s overall aesthetic theme.

We also offer high-quality traditional props with which people will be able to pose for photos when in the booth. We can show you each of these props in turn, since you will want pieces that will help you strike the right vibe.

We are happy to answer any questions that you have about any photo booth we could assemble for your nuptials. Simply call 07843 662683 or contact us for further insights into our service and expertise.

How a Christmas Photobooth Can Create Memories This Year

The sleigh bells are ringing and Christmas is just around the corner! Create memories this festive season with a Christmas photo booth for your Christmas party. If you have been thinking of Christmas photobooth ideas, whether that’s for a party for friends and family, or a corporate event, you can rest assured that Event Rhino can help make your Christmas photo booth wishes come true.

Why a Christmas photobooth is perfect this holiday season

All we want for Christmas is to have fun and celebrate with others! Christmas themed photo booths are perfect for this – who would not want a Christmas themed photo as a keepsake, making our days merrier and bright?

Christmas photobooths are entertaining and inventive, adding that extra amusement during events which can make them even more memorable and put your guests in a festive mood! You will have no doubt that your guests will leave with a remarkable experience of a lifetime – so what are you waiting for?

A party photo booth for any event

You can hire a Christmas photo booth for any event – whether that’s a corporate or casual party, or even a wedding reception, put your mind at ease with Event Rhino’s booths that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Our themed booths are a brilliant addition to any event, and you don’t have to worry about a thing since we offer exclusive packages to ensure that your event is provided with first-rate photobooth services.

Photobooths for hire

At Event Rhino, we offer bespoke photo booths for hire in London. We supply the following:

  • Vintage Photobooth – for a timeless and classic experience, our vintage photobooths can blend in as a piece of furniture yet deliver high quality photographs so you do not have to worry about a big clunky setup that detracts from the ambience of your event.
  • Digital Photobooth – ideal for smaller venues and events, digital photo booths are modern and unique. Our digital photo booths to hire are packed with a range of features, including the ability to take selfies, boomerangs, GIFs, FX video, and more! If you are planning a company event, or simply just a wedding or casual party, you’re also welcome to personalise any photos taken by adding branding to the photos and the booth itself, so you can be sure that your guests will definitely remember this night!
  • Rhino 360X Photobooth – for those wanting an immersive experience, our 360 photo booth to hire is the evolution of photobooth technology. Capturing you and your guests in video in a 360 degrees spin, it is a creative photobooth for a surreal experience that is different from the norm. It’s a convenient setup with its easy assembly, allowing multiple guests to stand on the platform for studio quality videos and professional lighting.

What’s included

Our standard Christmas photo booth hire prices start at £575 plus VAT. This package includes setup, installation and even a professional attendant from the events team to help your guests.

Have a merry Christmas with our variety of Christmas-themed props and toys – Christmas background templates can also be chosen, with printing available as part of the package, or QR codes and email options if you’d prefer digital delivery. We suggest utilising the latter whenever possible to minimise our paper printing and to be more sustainable!

An online gallery will be available for you and your guests to view all of the photos taken, with the opportunity for instant sharing on social media to show off those magical photos to others! A photo guest book will also be given to you at the end of the Christmas party, so you’ll leave with an unforgettable memory.

Our photobooths are highly personalisable, with different backdrops, props, options to add text and names, for an extraordinary photobooth experience that they won’t be able to forget. You even have the ability to create a custom setup by choosing how many photos it can take and filters to ensure that your booth becomes an exceptional sensation for your guests.

Why have you not booked a Christmas photo booth with us yet? Join us in making memories this Christmas that will last a lifetime, making your guests eager to ask whether a photobooth will be present at your next event!

At Event Rhino, we don’t let anything stand in the way of the Christmas spirit. If you are interested in our Christmas photo booths hire, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more or receive a quote – simply email us at or call us on 07843 662683.

5 Cool Ideas for Corporate Events

Our corporate photo booth rental is a way for staff to get together, celebrate the successes of the companies, create lasting memories and transmit the core company values. As the world starts to reopen, there is no better time to bring your company together for an unforgettable event. Here are 5 ideas for a truly memorable evening.

Corporate photo booth hire

Why not document the fun of the night by including a corporate photo booth in your event? These booths invite guests to make memories that they can take home with them at the end of the night. Whether you opt for a photobooth with props or a particular theme, they are sure to add some silliness to the night.

Photobooths are an interactive experience and encourage people to get involved. They tend to increase guest engagement and, the more people who are seen going into the booth, the more people want to join in! 

It is a relaxed and informal way to bring staff members together for a fun and spontaneous photo shoot.

Professional photographers are a great way to capture special moments of the evening but when you hire a photo booth in London, it tends to be a more organic and fun way of taking photos of the night; the two are complementary and can be used together to create a really special photo album of your event.

If you are trying to promote a certain theme, message or brand, you can also make the photobooth follow a specific theme with the decor or the props you use. Using a digital photo booth, guests can access boomerangs, GIFs and digital images which means real time posting to social media. This encourages people to share memories of the night and, in the same moment, promote your brand and create social buzz.

For more information about photo booth hire in London for your event or to get a quote, please contact us at Event Rhino for a personalised quote.

Include a chocolate fountain

There is something so decadent about melted chocolate cascading down over a fountain. Chocolate has the ability to make everything better so adding a chocolate fountain to your event is a no-brainer.

Prepare a buffet of fresh fruits, marshmallows, baked goods and sweets, all to be dipped in glossy chocolate pouring from a beautiful fountain. Not only does this delicious addition, it adds an air of luxury to any buffet table and can even act as a stunning centrepiece.

Choose a theme or dress code

After nearly 2 years of on-and-off lockdowns, there has been little excuse to get dressed up to the nines for an evening of fun. Choosing a dress code, such as cocktail dresses and black tie, is a great excuse for people to wear that outfit they have been saving or treat themselves to something new.

Themes can be brought to life through dress code, decor, invitations, visual effects, entertainment and even through what food you serve. All of this creates a sense of build up and excitement that will have your guests counting down the days to the main event.

It is a playful way to bring together your guests and create a sense of community around a common idea. Not only is it fun and novel, it is also a key facilitator of networking and team-building.

Themes and dress codes can be entertaining for the guests attending and will create buzz not just during the event itself, but also during the lead-up. Communications can be harnessed in the weeks leading up to the event, including invites, teasers and reminders, to promote the event and increase the hype surrounding the evening. This is a great way for guests to engage and interact with the theme before the event has even begun.

Whether you choose casino night, the roaring 20s, red carpet or the swinging 60s, there are plenty of themes that allow you to create a memorable night through costume, audiovisual effects and decorations.

Wow your guests with a vodka luge

A vodka luge is an ice sculpture with vodka flowing through it, ready for the guest to drink at the bottom. Alcohol travels through an opening at the top and arrives, perfectly chilled, to the opening at the bottom, ready to be received by a guest’s glass (or, directly into their mouths!).

These sculptures can be shaped in various ways making them not only functional but also a stunning and unique centrepiece of your event. This means that you can make it a statement piece at your drinks reception or can even choose a shape to match your theme or express a key message. Use your luge to add a “wow factor” to your event!

You could have one giant vodka luge as the centrepiece or choose to have smaller luges on the different tables so that people are able to admire the beautiful sculpture whilst helping themselves to a perfectly chilled vodka.

Gone are the day of dull corporate events; vodka luges can encourage guests to relax and socialise. Not only will the centrepiece be a talking point, the sculptures are interactive and encourage everyone to grab a glass and get involved! This fun and unique idea will ensure that your corporate event is talked about for many months to come.

Create a new world with special effects

Upgrade your corporate event with photo booth hire the use of special effects such as mood lighting or audiovisual effects. These can help to create an impressive atmosphere and positively contribute to your guest’s experience. If you have chosen to go with a theme, these special effects can help to bring the theme alive. Be it smoke effects, lasers, or audiovisual effects to create a jungle or waterfall, all of these can create a whole new world for your event.

These special effects will help to inspire guests, capture their attention, boost the overall mood and create memorable moments. Get creative with 4K screens, LED lights or LCD walls, all of which can create unique and unforgettable settings for your events.

If you are going for the wow factor, you can even use confetti streams, flames or smoke to immerse your guests and excite their senses. For those going for a specific theme for their corporate event, audiovisual elements can help enhance the theme and further immerse your guests.

Get Spooked This Halloween – with unbelievable non-touch photo experiences

Unlucky 13 it certainly isn’t this spooktacular season when we hope there will be no shortage of parties, events and haunted houses across the UK.

The Halloween season just got spookier with spine-tingling shenanigans for young and old as the Event Rhino team get set to launch their new Halloween photo booth hire in London and video marketing experiences!

Experience the thrills and spills of a Halloween with an interactive brand activation to deliver:

  • Brand awareness
  • User engagement
  • Social sharing
  • GDPR complaint data capture
  • Digital marketing content


Wake the window – Monster Dance

Let us take your window and turn it into a thrilling photo backdrop for your audience to enjoy, capture, create and share their branded Halloween still image, gif or boomerang with the world – nothing better than letting your customers sell for you!

No shop front? No problem, we can build one for you.

Hollusion 360X

Transport your audience into a ghoulish world, with ghoulish games, from haunted houses to gruelling graveyards, we can do it all.

Watch while your customers hop onto the branded platform, have some fun before creating a branded Halloween video to share with the masses.



Give your wedding a distinctive edge – Event Rhino launches the Hallmark

Hallmark wedding photo booth If you want your wedding to be elegant, classic and timeless, then look no further than the new Hallmark wedding photo booth hire Event Rhino have to offer.

Lovingly hand-crafted and featuring the most cutting-edge photo technology, the Hallmark will make your wedding reception stand out for all the right reasons.

Whether you want to add a luxe feel to your reception or showcase your quirky style, the Hallmark is the photo experience for you and your guests.

Hallmark wedding photo boothThe Hallmark captures professional quality images, making every single user feel like the star of the show.

Designed by photographers, the Hallmark features a professional studio flash and beauty dish mounted on the bespoke stand to make sure everyone looks picture perfect every time.

Event Rhino will fully customise the user-experience, including personalised messages and imagery that will reflect and enhance your wedding theme and give every guest a chance to celebrate your love story in a quirky way.

Choose to capture boomerangs, video, selfies, adding creative filters and graphics before sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter and text. Hallmark wedding photo booth

Perfect for a luxe wedding reception, the Hallmark wedding photo booth is exactly what you need to make sure your special day is as magical as you deserve.

Contact us to check availability for your wedding. 

Hallmark wedding photo booth


5 Trends for Virtual and Hybrid Events

The global economy, and almost every business sector, has been dealt a blow by Coronavirus in 2020. While most sectors have been negatively affected, some have suffered more than others. The events industry was hit hard by the pandemic with over 70% of the UK’s planned events for 2020 being cancelled or postponed. According to a report by Data Connectors and NowSourcing, the global events industry is worth $1.5 trillion per year. In addition, direct spending on airfare, hotel stays, dining and transportation are responsible for generating more than $1 trillion annually. If postponed events do proceed later in the year, or in early 2021, the likelihood is reduced attendance and footfall until the spread of the virus is under control and public and consumer confidence increases.

While the events industry has faced significant challenges this year, it has also been a revolutionary time for the sector with the significant rise in popularity of digital and virtual events. Video communications platforms Zoom and Slack are estimated to be worth $50billion more since the Coronavirus pandemic started, and a recent study conducted by the PCMA Education Foundation found that 67% of respondents expected to leverage technology to remotely participate in events for the next three years. The popularity of these digital solutions, however temporary, has seen a drastic increase in delegate uptake and participation in the first half of 2020 in events such as online webinars, seminars, workshops, facility tours, conferences, and trade shows.

The use of event technology such as digital registration processes, event marketing software, event-specific mobile apps, and digital event entertainment such as branded photo booth hire in London, was steadily increasing in popularity in recent years. However, the forced shift in 2020 to digital and virtual only events has resulted in creative and innovative event solutions that have been adopted and rolled out across entire industry sectors, and among demographics who previously would have been adverse to online only events.

Going forward, as we emerge from lockdown restrictions and begin to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, it is predicted that in-person events will see a surge in popularity as people – who are naturally social creatures – crave and appreciate more than ever before in-person interactions and networking. However, for a wide variety of reasons, individuals will also have grown to appreciate the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility of digital and virtual events, so it is more likely that events in the future will require a blended approach to benefit from the positive aspects of hybrid events.

Based on current trends and behaviours within the events industry, we’ve compiled five key trends we think are going to have a lasting and long-term impact on the sector for in-person, digital, and hybrid events going forward:

  1. Live Streaming

For those who are unable to attend an event for a range of factors such as clashing commitments, or expensive travel and accommodation costs, live streaming provides the opportunity for delegates to benefit from ‘attending’ the event, without having to be physically present. For events in very large venues, live streaming conference session and keynote addresses on screens or in hubs throughout the venue also enables more participants to engage without having to run from one side of the venue to another.

It’s worth noting that this is not as simple as live streaming an event on Facebook from your mobile phone. Proper investment will be required in the right technology, equipment, and likely a specialist technology and communications company to ensure live streaming and any other digital interactions at your event are streamlined, seamless, and integrated.

  1. Enhanced Experiences

Attending an in-person event is all about the experience. The attendee experience can be enhanced in a wide variety of ways through personalised communications, at-event entertainment, and through engaging attendees in interactive experiences. A recent survey of event planners found 78% placed immersive experiences at #1 above all other types of live entertainment. This can include photo booth hire London, escape rooms, and activities that are specifically designed to engage an individual or group directly.

Enhanced experience also includes streamlined and simplified processes – registration should be a breeze, event itineraries and maps should be easily accessible, and post-event follow-up should be seamless. Get these things right to make sure your event stands out.

  1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

While these technologies are available, they are not frequently used – yet. As they become more accessible expect to see more projections, 360-degree installations, virtual reality headsets and demos, and a myriad of other ways to educate, entertain and delight event attendees.

  1. Data Security

With increased digital and virtual event technology, including hybrid events, more personal and real-time data will be collected than ever before. While this can be incredibly useful when utilised correctly and offer a greater analysis and return-on-investment, with increased data collection comes the need for increased data security.

This is important on a practical level to ensure compliance with legislation, but it is also important for delegates to know that data security is taken seriously and that their data is being adequately protected. A 2020 report by PWC highlighted that 84% of consumers will gladly take their business elsewhere if they felt they couldn’t trust a business with their data.

  1. Inclusivity

Just as in-person events should be as inclusive and accessible as possible, so should digital and virtual events. This can include the use of clear language and instructions, appropriate font style and size, good colour contrast, and the use of sub-titles and translators. In addition, the same considerations should be given to the diversity of panels and speakers.

Let’s engage your audience and drive your brand forward with the latest Event Rhino Virtual Photo & Video Experiences!

Our new virtual photo marketing experiences create virtual events and supporting digital marketing campaign to deliver:

– Brand awareness

– Product education

– Consumer engagement

– User generated content

– Data collection

– Drive sales

Virtual Events – Utilizing our software and the advancement with photo marketing we can make virtual events even more interactive and most importantly measurable!

For example: A sports clubs New Kit Launch

The brand launch and host an online virtual launch party using technology such as Zoom or

Google Teams. Customers are invited to the party via their social media sites and email marketing.

Once they join the party, they are shown the new product and offered the chance to win prizes by taking part in the virtual photo experience!


– Click the link

– Use the brand photo booth on their device to take their selfie

– Receive their branded selfie by mobile or email

– Upload it to social media with the campaign hashtag

– Scratch and win during the event

– Receive an exclusive discount code for money off the product in the final photo received


We show you the return on investment with a full data report including:

– Number of people in attendance

– Number of photo uploads

– Compliant email and phone numbers for re marketing

– Social reach using the event hashtag

– use of the discount code

Hybrid Events – So let’s bring together an instore experience with virtual for the New Kit Launch!

Hosting an instore event and bringing together industry leaders and some of the players

for talks and Q&A’s (social distancing taken into account) or these people can be in multiple locations, and having the event streamed online for customers to join.

The launch will be pre promoted on social media and via digital marketing platforms – company website, blogs, emails etc. Launch posts will introduce what people can expect from the event and create a reason to attend.

Customers join the event online via a digital platform and enjoy the education on the new product before being invited to the virtual, interactive booth for the chance to win a products etc and receive their discount code for the new kit.


– Click the link

– Use the brand photo booth on their device to take their selfie

– Receive their branded selfie by mobile or email

– Upload it to social media with the campaign hashtag

– Scratch and win during the event

– Receive an exclusive discount code for money off the product in the final photo received

You can supply the client with the following results post event:

– Number of people in attendance

– Number of photo uploads


We show you the return on investment with a full data report including:

– Compliant email and phone numbers for re marketing

– Social reach using the event hashtag

– Sales via the discount code



At Event Rhino we are renowned for bringing brands to life through emotionally charged experiences, that drive, awareness, sales and meaningful consumer actions for our clients.

As we endeavour on the new and emerging marketing and event space, created by Covid-19, our team has worked tirelessly to develop new experiential marketing tools, focusing on our two key fields; Immersive Experiences, Emerging Technologies.

Immersive Experiences

An experience is driven by emotion – how it makes a person feel directly influences the memories they take away and therefore the power of the stories they share as a result of it.

Today’s consumers have a very different relationship to brands compared to that of previous generations. They look for quality, craft and depth in experiences and recommendations from friends and family, whether traditional word of mouth or social media, is a key factor in the purchasing decision.

Offering consumers, a chance to interact with brands in a meaningful and authentic manner, leads to enduring relationships, which as a result help drive customer loyalty and sales. By reaching consumers through multiple senses an even more engaging experience is created as the emotions evoked serve as powerful markers of memory and behavioural influence. Cinematic sets and effects, actors, environment, sound and smell can all be combined to create truly immersive experiences.

Research has shown that customers who have had a chance to experience or interact with a brand are 96% more inclined to make a purchase (Event Marketing Institute).

By combining experimental marketing with other tools such as vouchers, in-store promotions and photomechanics, it also offers brands a great opportunity to collate data, generate social media coverage and, of course, measure redemptions.

Emerging Technologies

The massive leaps in technology over the past decade have unlocked a new world of opportunities for brands to engage with consumers and communicate their stories in a truly immersive manner. They provide cultural relevance and leverage the impact and curiosity driven by innovation.

Event Rhino is a leader in providing state of the art photo booth rental in London technologies which can be incorporated into virtual events, hybrid events, digital and traditional onsite marketing campaigns.

Virtual Reality is only one of many tools allowing brands to merge the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds for powerful and effective marketing strategies. Technology is also enabling brands to amplify their messaging and campaigns in new ways, allowing experiences to live on for days, months and years across demographics and nations.

If your customers can’t come and engage with you, you go to them! Utilise our new virtual photo experiences you can bring your brand to life digitally and engage your customers, turning them into authentic online brand ambassadors!

So how does it work?

Event Rhinos virtual photo technology and innovative software is developed and branded for each campaign. The brand shares a web link or QR code on their social media channels, website, eshots inviting their audience or target audiences to get involved!

Rewarding consumers

  • Local consumers click the link
  • Their smart device is turned into a hand held photo booth
  • They take their picture and add the company branded overlay
  • Upload
  • Post to social media with the campaign hashtag
  • Scratch for the chance to win with the brand
  • Entered into a prize draw


Supporting the brand

  • The brand supports the campaign on their social media and digital marketing channels
  • Encourage customers to enter to win
  • Receive exposure from the campaign

Resulting in:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Audience engagement
  3. Brand & product education
  4. User generated content
  5. Social sharing
  6. GDPR Compliant data capture
  7. Digital marketing content creation
  8. Increased online brand footprint
  9. Consumer analytics and insights
  10. On trend marketing campaigns


Non touch photo marketing campaigns 

Open for business? Let your customers become your online ambassadors with an interactive, non-touch photo marketing campaign.


Event Rhino will install one of our innovative photo technologies teamed with state-of-the-art software bringing a new instore experience for your customers and a fantastic marketing tool to show case that you are open for business again and it is safe to visit!

Engaging your customers

  • A branded start screen with a QR Code will start the photo marketing experience
  • Customer takes their selfie
  • Selfie is created with a branded photo overlay
  • Customer shares their photo creation to their phone or email
  • Customer shares their photo on Instagram with a campaign hashtag for the chance to win a prize from the brand.

Benefits to the brand

  • Unlimited brand awareness
  • Exceptional customer engagement
  • GDPR compliant data capture
  • Authentic brand ambassadors created
  • User generated content
  • Social sharing
  • Increased online brand presence
  • Consumer analytics and insights
  • Leading experimental marketing campaigns

Let’s cut through the noise and bring your brand back to life! Contact our creative team today.

Photo Marketing – Make them stay

There is nothing permanent except change.

Anyone working in retail or hospitality knows that consumer demands are constantly changing and the only way to stay alive is to stay ahead.

Easier said than done.

We know all too well at Event Rhino how challenging it is out there.

The UK high street is in the middle of the most challenging retail environment since 1991 and the hospitality industry has seen a startling number of closures in the last few years.

There’s plenty of reasons for doom and gloom, but that won’t get you anywhere and we need to adapt to the new environment and change your offering to ensure that you are giving consumers what they want, when they want it.

Of course, your reaction to the growth of online shopping and the prevalence of online food delivery companies is to double down and make everything fast and convenient – getting customers in and out with their purchases as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And yes, some consumers don’t want to spend anymore time in store than they possibly can.

But that is not the case for every consumer.

brand activations

In fact, studies have shown that more and more consumers are willing to spend time and money if they see the experience as valuable.

So how do you offer value in-store or in your restaurant?

First and foremost, the offering has to be top notch, that goes without saying.

Consumers expect nothing less than the best, and if you aren’t offering that they will take their business elsewhere.

But that alone might not be enough to keep your customers coming in the door and wanting to stay.

Fear not, all is not lost, and it will be the innovative retailers and forward-thinking restaurateurs who will not only survive but thrive.

At Event Rhino we work with these innovative companies to help them create must-see experiences that tap into consumer trends and give them a reason to come, enjoy, dwell and ultimately purchase.

Photo Marketing Booth

The modern consumer doesn’t just love experiences though. They love sharing them on social media – because if there aren’t pics of the unmissable experience, then it didn’t happen!

And that’s where our photo booth hire in London can help.

By creating branded, custom-built experiences that use our digital photo booth hire, we are able to create the perfect dwell space for social-media loving consumers to immerse themselves in your brand and spend time getting to know what you are all about.

But they don’t just encourage people to just dwell, our activations drive brand awareness, both online and offline, and are the perfect tool to capture consumer data and insights to help you better understand what your customers want.

Photo Marketing BoothEvent Rhino can install your bespoke brand activation on a permanent basis or on a 3-month hire. This will allow us to monitor engagement, adapt the activation to reflect seasonal changes as well as respond to what your customers are telling us they want.

Event Rhino get it. It’s tough out there. But you can’t stand still and hope that customers will come through the door.

You need to give them an enriching experience that engages them and gives them a reason to come, stay and spend.